“Messi is the Father of the Country”: Girl goes viral dedicating her task to Lionel Messi | The USA Print

"Messi is the Father of the Country": Girl goes viral dedicating her task to Lionel Messi

"Messi is the Father of the Country": Girl goes viral dedicating her task to Lionel Messi | The USA Print

The legacy that forward Lionel Messi has left in the history of Argentina and the entire world of football is considered one of the most important of all time. and this has been reflected in the large masses of fans and sports fans who support him every day after his victory in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and later in his signing with Inter Miami CF of the Major League Soccer (MLS).

Now a little Argentine girl has gone viral through the TikTok platform after her mother shared a video in which she shows one of the many tasks she was asked to do at school; Her task was to draw the most representative symbols of her country and she did not hesitate for a single moment to print Lionel Messi’s shirt on her notebook.

In the images you can see how the girl explains that she decided to place Messi’s shirt in her homework while being questioned by her mother for having made the decision to place it between patriotic symbols of great importance such as the flag and the national anthem of Argentina, which he drew on the sides of the ’10’ shirt.

“I had to draw what the national symbol of Argentina meant to me and I put Messi, because Messi is the father of the country”said the girl with a huge smile of love and admiration for the Qatar 2022 World Cup champion while her mother laughed out loud at her little girl’s occurrences.

This act demonstrates the great affection that Argentine fans have for the work that the star has done throughout his entire career to the point of being considered the footballer of all time by various magazines and historical players, who catalog that His recent World Cup title was the trophy he was missing to be able to consecrate himself with this nickname.

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Since his arrival at Inter Miami in Major League Soccer, the Argentine has demonstrated his impressive scoring ability and was even crowned champion of the Leagues Cup in his first games with the club; He has also driven the Florida team to climb positions in the Eastern Conference of the American tournament to get out of the bottom of the table and fight for the playoffs.

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