‘Messi, 10 views on the 10’ (Trends): Messi’s place | Soccer | Sports


Great idols generate a certain feeling of eternity. It seems like they will always be there. They build moments and sensations that will be recorded in memory. But they will leave. There will come a time when a gesture, a decision or a word marks the beginning of the end, although that will only be understood when the passage of time provides perspective. During the period in which his performance does not stop improving, they accustom the fan to an excellence that becomes everyday and that has some unconscious joy in the fact of enjoying an athlete at the peak of his career. There will even be a total communion that will make both idol and followers yearn for a perfect ending, with the achievement of that last individual trophy or collective title that perfects the story. The time will then come to take stock, to place the figure of the hero in its rightful place.

It is not easy to find athletes who maintain their shine for years. That’s why they are so special to people. Messi, 10 views on 10 (Trends), is the book in which as many authors of five nationalities offer a complete perspective on the figure of the Argentine soccer player. Under the editorial coordination of the Mexican sociologist Fernando Segura, a narrative arc is described that goes from Rosario to Miami, settles in Barcelona, ​​visits Paris and travels with Argentina. It covers the sporting and social impact. Outlines the personality of the star. From a career that could be summarized in that anecdote about when Bielsa, then the Argentine coach, asked that the video of that kid be played at normal speed. He was going so fast that he didn’t understand anything. But it was real speed. It was Messi running and dribbling towards his place in History.

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