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Mercedes Mone habría sufrido una lesión en NJPW Resurgence

Today we had two great meetings by Mercedes Mone in the event of New Japan Pro Wrestling strong. The first match was against a Latina representative from Chile named Stephanie Vaquer. In the second match and final phase she fought against the star of All Elite Wrestling and Ring of Honor, Willow Nightingale.

Mercedes Mone could suffer an injury in NJPW Resurgence

In a recent PW Insider report, Mike Johnson revealed that there is information circulating in the locker room of the NJPW Resurgence event in the state of California. Said information would be that Mercedes Mone suffered an ankle fracture during the Main Event against Willow Nightingale. The female star of New Japan Pro Wrestling and the female star of AEW and ROH in the Finals to crown the new NJPW Strong Women’s Championship.

On the other hand, a nice news related to Mercedes was that two companions of The Mandalorian attended to support her. Said companions were Kate Sackhoff and Emily Shadow. The first actress plays Bo-Katan Kryze and the second actress plays The Armorer.

“The news going around backstage at the New Japan Pro Wrestling Resurgence event in California is that Mercedes Mone suffered a broken ankle during the Main Event against Willow Nightingale.

We will provide an update as we confirm more details.

Katee Sackhoff and Emily Swallow from The Mandalorian attended the event, Resurgence. Both were to support Mone. Sackhoff plays the Mandalorian Leader ‘Bo-Katan Kryze’ in the series and has had numerous scenes with Mone, who in the series’ storyline was under her command under the name ‘Koska Reeves’.

Swallow plays The Armorer and shared a few scenes with Mone in the recently completed third season of the Disney+ series.”

The specific spot of Mone’s possible injury would be the following. It seems that the NJPW star was looking to apply a kind of Sunset Flip to Willow, but she ended up falling with both feet from the top of the ring to the floor.

After the fight, Mercedes was carried backstage in her arms with one of her legs extended before the support and applause of the public.

Finally, The CEO released his first statements from his Twitter account.


It’s not how I dreamed it would be tonight.

I am very sorry and I love you very much.

I will heal and I will come back better than ever.


We hope that with the view of a specialist everything will be determined that your rest and recovery from this blow is as soon as possible. From Planeta Wrestling, we send our best wishes and good vibes to the NJPW star.

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