Mauricio Cedeño directs a magical train in “On The Right Track” | Entertainment | The USA Print

Mauricio Cedeño directs a magical train in “On The Right Track”

During a magical night, full of laughter and music, the lives of six passengers aboard an old New Jersey train are about to take a new turn when they meet a very peculiar character who will guide them to their new destination.

This story, which highlights the importance of the decisions we make in life, was the reason why Mexican director Mauricio Cedeño came to New York to direct AMT Theatre’s new musical, “On The Right Track”.

With music written by composer and playwright Al Tapper and a story by Tony Sportiello, the play is a tale of three couples traveling on a magical train. The musical features the character of the ticket holder, who has lived on the train for many years and has become a mystical creature with powers that emerge when his passengers need a boost in their lives. In addition, the ticket seller is the one who is in charge of narrating the story and guiding these couples along the way.

“This ticket office and this train make their passengers reflect and want to improve. This story talks about the different types of love that we live as human beings,” explained Cedeño.

With a cast consisting of Dana Aber, Cody Gerszewski and David L. Murray Jr, the play shows the conflicts that a married couple must resolve, as well as the problems that others face in their jobs.

The cast is made up of actors Dana Aber, Cody Gerszewski and David L. Murray Jr./Courtesy

“When you enter this play, you think you’re going to see a story that only takes place on a train, but in reality it’s a story that takes place all over the world,” added Cedeño.

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With more than 15 years working together with Al Tapper and Tony Sportiello, the Guadalajara-born director has directed dozens of productions, including Godspell and Cats, and has adapted several productions for the Mexican theater, including three works composed by Tapper: Sessions , National Pastime and Paparazzi.

“Now I can read something of them and immediately imagine the assembly,” said the director.

Directing an Off-Broadway musical for the first time, Cedeño not only has the support of an incredible team, but is also working with his daughter, actress Regina Cedeño, who has grown up in the world of theater.

“I am an actress and therefore I have learned a lot working in the area of ​​production and direction, where magic is truly born,” remarked Regina Cedeño.

Mauricio Cedeño directs a magical train in “On The Right Track” | Entertainment | The USA Print
Cedeño with his daughter Regina, who is an actress and assistant director./Courtesy

It should be noted that art and love for theater play a fundamental part in the life of the Cedeños, who declare themselves fans of the famous Broadway plays, from which the inspiration for new ideas that they implement in their own productions arises.

“I come to see works to get inspired and see the techniques they use here, in order to take them to Mexico. We have learned that art has no borders”, explained the director of ‘On the Right Track.’

The play will run at the AMT Theater (354 West 45th Street) from April 13 through May 11. For tickets visit: