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Mataró opens an oncohematology day hospital with greater comfort and privacy for the patient

He Mataro Hospital will put into operation on Monday, May 29, the oncohematological day hospitalwhich will replace the current specialized day hospital and offer more comfort and privacy to the patients. The space is made up of 12 seats distributed in boxes and incorporates ten small rooms that provide even greater privacy in the case of more delicate situations or with anticipation of those affected adverse to treatment.

The center has collected the requests through a suggestion box and has implemented the improvements, which range from charging points for phones and tablets, the presence of a television for each box, screens that separate the corridor from the area where the treatment is carried out or space for which a companion can be.

The hospital has 600 square meterswith 18 seats in spaces where patient privacy is preserved and four separate boxes with glass doors for the administration of chemotherapy for patients who may experience an adverse reaction. In addition, the space is equipped with four medical consultations, its own waiting room, a clinical research room and other work spaces.


Each individual space has been equipped with some of the elements most in demand by the patients themselves in the current unit. “We did a poll with a ballot box to see what they wanted and have a perspective, and the answers focused on increasing privacy, having the possibility of having music, television, or a space for a family member to have their support”, explains Cristina Gomezhospital nurse.

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Precisely the opinion has been valued to make more friendly the stay in a place where patients can stay from one minute to 10 or 12 hours. That is why the individual spaces have plugs to be able to connect mobile phones or digital tablets, but also a television for each patient, and a chair so that a companion can sit.

ten million investment

Before entering, however, the waiting room has also been equipped with comfortable elements, such as sofas and armchairs, as well as USB plugs and outlets to charge mobile devices.

In the design it has been taken into account not to lose the contact with the nursing service, since many patients find a point of support in the staff. “Some tell us how they feel, and also intimacy, so it is important that we can be by their side,” Gómez details.

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Last year they were administered in this service about 5,000 chemotherapies, apart from other outpatient treatments such as iron therapy, hematite concentrates, immunoglobulins or intravenous antibiotics. The construction of the new day hospital is part of the expansion of the Mataró Hospital, with a investment of ten million euros.

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