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He was a kid when he started doing celebrity impressions. He was good at them and those around him responded with laughter, so much so that he would end up turning his virtue into his profession. Thus, Dani Martínez (Astorga, 39 years old) started on local radio with humor sections. And he saw how his path was catapulted when the journalist Pilar Socorro went to her town to do a radio program. “She did three imitations, and with those three voices she decided to give me the opportunity, a salary and a space on the radio, at only 19 years old. That seems so risky and so brave to me…”, says the man from León behind the scenes of a Movistar Plus+ set. There, the same one in which the canceled one was filmed Late Motiv, just recorded the gala Martinez and brothers which is broadcast this Thursday with Antonio Banderas, Javier Cámara and María Escoté as guests. Twenty years after that debut and after going through many stages, he has managed to fulfill the “dream” of many comedians like him: to present and be the image of a beats with personal seal.

In Martinez and brothers simultaneously receives three popular guests from different fields —”of influencers to athletes”, he explains— to chat with them in a relaxed tone, satirize their social networks or compete in games and mobile applications. The trajectory up to here has not been a walk, not even the stage in which he took off. Although, without a doubt, Socorro made everything much easier for him. “When I get to Radio Nacional, for a budget thing I can’t be paid what I was told and I charge much less, so I can’t even afford to live in Madrid. I was going to leave the radio because I couldn’t maintain the situation, and she told me ‘you stay and you stay at home’. So she puts me in her house, and I lived there with her son, in Valdemorillo, ”says the comedian. “In addition, she takes Chicho Ibáñez Serrador to the program, which is the one that calls me later for the One two Three… because he sees me there. Without her I would not be here, impossible, she is key in the whole process”.

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break the rules of tv

After his debut in One two Three… More offers came to him, especially the opportunity to debut in fiction as an actor with SMS. Although his popularity began to stand out in the desktop of 2010 with The just nonsense, which he catalogs as his university, directed by Florentino Fernández —of whom “I could list a thousand things and all of them good”, he says—. “In The just nonsense They call me to do video dubbing, but I didn’t have a clear section or anything. And on the third day there Flo said ‘I had a great time with Dani, I want her to sit there for the entire program and present with me’. He supports me all the time and gives me sections to constantly improvise and that’s where I start to loosen up beyond imitations.

With Fernández he learned one of the lessons that he still tries to apply today: “Break the rules of TV”, as he believes his partner on the grill David Broncano does, whom he values ​​“for having broken the way of doing an interview”, something he considers “key”. Interviewing three guests and without collaborators is a “complex” challenge in which you have to find the balance so that everyone shines: “Part of breaking the rules is getting the three guests who come not to have an interview-type talk with me, but let them relax That they sit on the sofa in any way, that they get up, that they speak, that they participate whenever they want, that they stop the presenter, that they hesitate, that they insult me… I ask and you reply with your rehearsed answer.”

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He is also clear that, although the title bears his last name, he is not the protagonist, but “the collaborator who serves them things so that they can enjoy and make the program.” It is another of the great lessons that he takes from Flo. “Although you are the visible head, these are team programs. It’s something I learned quickly.” With this philosophy he faces his 40th birthday in December, and of which he assures that there is no crisis on the horizon. “I think I had a worse time in my 30s than I am going to have in my 40s. The 30s were suddenly like not doing the things of 20 years, they no longer look like a bottle, you can no longer sleep in a car if you go out there. .. At 40 you let yourself go more, “he confesses.

The comedian continues to grow in both areas, and he jokes that he notices it because they no longer confuse him so much with Dani Martín, singer and former El canto del loco: “The other day I felt very good because I saw an article in which it said that Dani Martínez was going to sing at a festival. They named him Dani Martínez too, so I’m starting to win small battles”.

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