Martin Scorsese Reveals the “Disturbing” 2022 Movie That Made Him Sleepless


Martin Scorsese was left “deeply disturbed” after seeing the latest film from independent production company A24.

The legendary director wrote a glowing review of Ti West’s new horror film, Pearlstarring Mia Goth and sent it to A24, and /Film published it later.

Goth plays the title role of a young woman who lives with her sick, paralyzed father and overbearing mother on their Texas farm. She is a prequel to West’s previous A24 film, Xwhich premiered earlier this year.

In the review, Scorsese praised, “Ti West’s films have an energy that is all too rare these days, fueled by a pure, undiluted love of cinema. You feel it in every frame.”

He continued: “Pearl is a wild, fascinating and deeply, no kidding, disturbing 102-minute experience. West and his muse and creative partner Mia Goth know how to play with their audience…before they plunged the knife into our chests and started twisting it.”

“I started out enthralled, then disturbed, then so restless that I had trouble falling asleep. But I couldn’t take my eyes off [de la película]”.

Scorsese isn’t the only fan of West’s work. X is so far the feature film of highest Rated Horror Of The Year, with a 94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, while Pearl It is not far behind with 87 percent.

Martin Scorsese, Mia Goth in ‘Pearl’

(Getty Images/A24)

Pearl is in US theaters now, but a UK release date has yet to be set.


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