Martha Higareda inspires a new corrido on TikTok and shares her reaction – Tomatazos

Martha Higareda inspires a new corrido on TikTok and shares her reaction - Tomatazos

Martha Higareda He has become the center of the news in recent weeks thanks to his controversial statements not recent, but accumulated over the years that generated all kinds of comments on social networks until recently. With the commotion caused on the Internet, someone composed a new corrido in honor of the actress, a piece that is already turning heads on all platforms and has even inspired a reaction from the star of Don’t stain Frida – 13%.

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higareda He started his career at a young age, proving his talent and versatility across a wide range of genres and projects. Outstanding performance of her in the movie Loving You hurts catapulted her to fame and earned her recognition both in Mexico and internationally. Throughout the years she has participated in numerous successful productions, both in Mexico and in Hollywood, standing out for her charisma and dedication in each role of her. In addition to her acting talent, she has also dabbled in production, emphasizing her ability to take film projects from conception to completion. With her charisma, beauty and talent, Martha Higareda has established herself as one of the most influential and respected actresses in the Mexican film industry, leaving a lasting mark in the history of cinema.

In recent weeks, martha She was accused of being a mythomaniac for making very interesting statements about her life. Among the most prominent are the assertion that she began to speak when she was months old; rejecting a romantic proposal Jared Letoto assure that he dreams in English when he is in the United States, to affirm that he had refused to participate in a film with Robert Pattinson to do Don’t stain Frida in Mexico, among many others. The influencer @carloschaviratv composed the song “El corrido de Martha Higareda and Yordi Rosado”, showing off all the words said by the actress that jumped into the center of media attention. Martha herself shared the song on her TikTok account and reacted by dancing and laughing:

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At the beginning of May, through his stay in the program Gossip Not Like (via Millennium), Martha Higareda He responded to all the criticism he has received about his alleged “mythomania or schizophrenia”, maintaining that he is free to tell everything he wants about his life:

Many things have happened to me, there are some that I decide to share. Yordi and I in the podcast ‘De Todo un Mucho’, did some episodes of ‘Stories that happen to celebrities’, where he has had many stories and so have I. […] They are stories from 20 years of career, I have the freedom to tell my anecdotes and share them, as people have the freedom to believe them or not… I think that what one can do best is laugh at oneself, I believe that every who has the freedom to feel as they want.

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