Marta Sánchez says that she doesn't care “about equality”: “There are things that belong to men and others to women.”


Martha Sanchez (57) has been the new interviewee on her great friend's podcast, Vicky Martin Berrocal, where they have talked about music and life. The singer, at the moment, has no wedding plans with her boyfriend, her businessman, Federico Leon (35), after around six years of relationship.

In fact, the presenter has suggested that she be the one to ask him to marry her and, in this regard, the interpreter of It's me has said: “Never, I would be horrified, I don't give a damn about equality, although it is super necessary and we must continue fighting, But there are certain things that seem to me to be for men and others for women. “I would never ask him.”

Regarding their relationship, he has also said: “I am jealous, it is pure and simple selfishness, but now I am not so jealous because I have no reason”. And as for men, the ex-wife of Jorge Salatti and Jesús Cabanas has added: “The smart guys who like it are not the physique, but the personality, the drive. I think men like strong and confident women, without complexes. Little by little I have been taking them off and being more natural. “My father said that the most beautiful thing about women was naturalness.”

In this sense, he also confessed during his interview: “With other men I even slept with mascara because my eyes are my strength and they didn't want them to see me any other way”.

His sister's letter

During the interview, she also spoke about the hardest moment of her life, the death of her twin sister from breast cancer in 2004. Paz died when she was only 38 years old: “She contracted severe hepatitis when she was very young. From that moment on, she moment, her health was never ironclad. Then she had postpartum depression and then breast cancer began, which They did not operate well and it had several metastases“, he recalled.

During Paz's illness, letters were exchanged: “The romanticism of the mail still existed and it was beautiful to open her letters and for her to open mine (…) She told me beautiful things.” The artist also spoke about one in particular: “And the strongest letter, which I have laminated, was the one in which he wrote to thank me for taking care of his illness. That letter is overwhelming”.

Finally, he lamented: “I had to sacrifice being with my sister. This career demands so much of your life that I have missed decades of my sister. And now that she is gone, I wonder why I didn't travel more to La Coruña, or “Why didn't I call her more at night? And that's not easy to assimilate, to forgive yourself.”

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