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Mark Ruffalo.

Mark Ruffalo.

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Mark Ruffalowho plays Dr. Bruce Banner and ‘Hulk’ in the Marvel movies, surprised and delighted a wedding of a couple of Welsh women in Central Park in New Yorkreported the British outlet Mirror.

Klaire Hodgson and Lynz Tanner, from Gwynedd in North West Wales, decided to tie the knot spontaneously and quietly in New York and livestreamed the ceremony to their friends and family as the actor joined their wedding.

“It was pretty funny because the day we were setting up the video link in Central Park, Mark Ruffalo must have seen what was going on because he drifted towards us.”Klaire told NorthWalesLive.

“Everybody was talking on the phone and all of a sudden this guy started slowly coming up. He got up and said ‘Hello’ to us and we said ‘Ok, everything okay?’” continued Hodgson, who hadn’t recognized the star.

Both believed that it was a photographer, as he was carrying “a very nice camera.” At the end, Ruffalo posed with both of them and wished them well on their special day..

Both agreed that the moment added a “sweet” touch to their spontaneous wedding, and that they were delighted that he stayed to take photos with the bridal party.

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