Mariló Montero: “A very famous guy groped me last week in public and in front of his wife”


Marilo Monterovery topical for his victory in court against Gustavo Gonzalez and Diego Arrabalhas reported that a known man harassed her a few days ago at an event. “A very famous guy put his hand on me last week in public”he explained this Friday in Public mirror.

The presenter thought: “What do I do? Should I put a host in it?”but he restrained himself from reacting like that for a reason: “When someone surprises me what I get is to slap them immediately. But I have to think about the schism I’m in and it’s a public event”he pointed out.

Mariló Montero on Monday, February 26, on the anniversary of the Isabel Gemio Foundation

In this way, the mother of Rocío Crusset and Alberto Herrera reacted by denouncing what happened to this man’s entourage: “Through people around me I’m telling them to let them know”. Furthermore, he explained that this person’s wife was “next door” at the same event. “I always react. But I didn’t want to cause family conflicts, although I didn’t want them to attack me either.”. And he has lamented: “It seems like we are required to have the perfect solution for every type of harassment and personality”.

Regarding the reaction of the environment of this type, he has also said forcefully: “They were not surprised”. Something that outraged her doubly, because she has explained that they are also people from her own circle.

On the other hand, without revealing the identity of this man, he has assured that it is “common” for him to behave this way with other women: “(Men like him) have that culture embedded”.

Carlos Herrera’s ex-wife has also assured that throughout her life she has suffered numerous episodes of this type, so many that “I can write you a book”: “Unlike you, who say that nothing has happened to you, everything has happened to me”he told Susanna Griso.