Mariló, Isabel Pantoja’s friend, takes refuge in Cantora in the middle of the media storm: “I’m going to have an attack”


“Since yesterday he has not been in Córdoba. The expression he used is ‘I’m going to have an attack’. The magazine has not made him feel bad, but rather comments and insinuations that want to take the report to another story,” said Antonio Rossi this Thursday. It bothers him so much that he has already consulted with a lawyer to send a statement to the media requesting privacy. “On Tuesday he was scared”they point out.

The friendship between Isabel Pantoja and Mariló de la Rubia goes back two decades. It started because the tonadillera’s mother, Doña Ana, bought jewelry at Mariló’s parents’ businesses and the relationship grew closer between the families. Mariló has been a key person in the tonadillera’s life and in recent years she has been by her side in the worst moments: during her stay in prison (she called Agustín often to inquire about Isabel’s condition) and also after the death of his mother. Also in the good ones, well Mariló has accompanied Isabel on her last tour of Spain: He was in Bilbao and Gran Canarias.

The muse of his novel

And not only that: their friendship was so beautiful that Isabel Pantoja served as inspiration for Mariló to write her latest novel, The Lineage. On her day she presented the work on local television in Córdoba and dedicated it “to a close friend.” The text speaks for itself: “She was Isabel Vigaray, the widow of the most influential man who had ever set foot in Santander. Countless hoaxes and anecdotes were told about Isabel Vigaray. Most of them were lies… They said she was a cold woman. and calculator…”, reads one of the first paragraphs.

“My suitor at that time, who later became my husband, was a handsome man, very gallant… We got married under pressure from the circumstances of the society of yesteryear… Young and inexperienced, almost like kids… It was the wedding of the year. When he died, his family rushed like hyenas for the belongings that they did not dare to claim from him while he was alive, but when the will was read, my husband’s intentions became clear,” she continues.

Your support in networks

Mariló is a very active woman on social networks and defended her friend Isabel at all costs when she went to prison, naming King Juan Carlos himself: “Juan Carlos, you were wrong, justice is not the same for everyone. Your daughter goes to jail. Poor Pantoja…”. Or this other: “In this country there are those who pay for his guilt and others are born into the royal family. Shit country! Where is justice? Alcalá de Guadaira?”

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