Mariló de la Rubia charged at María Patiño to defend Isabel Pantoja: “Relax, she’s going to give you a stroke”


So much so that the messages he left on social networks in 2014, after the singer went to prison, have been revealed: “Relax, you’re going to have a stroke! You already have Pantoja in jail. Leave her alone so she can pay for her guilt. Let’s get the infanta!”wrote on November 23, 2014 in response to María Patiñowho wrote: “When you experience the Malaya case firsthand, it makes you want to cry”.

And they are not the only messages, since the doctor was interested in the case of King Juan Carlos’s daughter to compare it with that of her friend: “In the end the State lawyer does not file charges against Infanta Cristina, where is justice? Alcalá de Guadaira?”, wrote. And it was clearer: “Justice is not the same for everyone. Your daughter goes to jail!! Poor Pantoja”.

Mariló, writer of two novels whose protagonist is a woman named Isabel, and the singer of My soul falls in love They met more than two decades ago but were estranged for a long period of time. Mariló joined the long list of friends who disappeared from the folkloric life, but they regained their friendship after the death of Doña Ana, Isabel’s mother, in September 2021. The friendship is so close that they assure that Mariló He even takes care of the folklore’s medical agenda. They also buy sausages together.

The doctor’s entourage, manager of an ophthalmology clinic in Córdoba, is concerned after the media interest she has aroused: “She is saturated.” Mariló did not expect that a walk through the streets of Córdoba would take her to the front page of the media and she confessed to her circle: “she’s going to have a fit.”