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You don’t have to have a baby to summon evil, as in The seed of the devilso that motherhood becomes a horror story, but resorting to that hyperbole can serve to talk about the floor —not just the pelvic floor— on which many mothers walk. The baby, comedy broadcast on HBO Max and Sky, tells the story of Natasha, a woman reluctant to motherhood, who suddenly has to take care of a baby that falls from a cliff and attracts death. sea There is only one and I found you on the beach.

Having a creature fall on you can be a disgrace, but having it taken away from you, too. María del Monte visited for the first time Deluxe Saturday to keep her secrets out in the open, a delicate art within the reach of Bárbara Rey and few others. It is easier to go to the psychiatrist and not tell him anything than to go to the Deluxe and not let go of garments. Her entrance to the set began in style, with her affectionate embrace with Isa Pantoja after 10 years without seeing each other. “You know how I am and here, no”, he snapped at his goddaughter to make it clear that he was not going to talk about the end of his friendship with Isabel Pantoja, who separated her from her “puppy”, as she called her, when she was a girl.

María del Monte spoke frankly about loss, death and mourning. She knows what she is talking about: she has lost her mother and two of her brothers in a year and a half. She rightly scolded those of Save me for speaking little of Mila Ximénez. At times she looked like Rabbi Delphine Horvilleur, author of the fantastic book live with our dead. She was only wrong when she said that pain cannot be described, it is only felt. She described it and she did it very well. But when everything has been said or when everyone knows what cannot be said, nothing is more eloquent than a good silence. Sometimes mother there are only two.

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