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Andrés García.

Andres Garcia.

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Daisy Portillowife andres garciaannounced that the actor is delicate health because of the cirrhosis of the liver that he is facing.

This weekend, Portillo has dedicated himself to sharing messages on social networks to report on the state of health of the actor from ‘Pedro Navaja’, who requires a blood transfusion because he has low levels of hemoglobin and platelets.

Unfortunately her hemoglobin is very low, her platelets are also low, and the doctor’s exact words, regarding her liver, were that “it is defending itself like a cat face up”, these are not the best results, but neither are they the worst, the situation of the hemoglobin if serious“Commented the actor’s wife through a video posted on YouTube.

On the subject of blood, Margarita Portillo explained that the doctor who treats García carried out studies to find out the state of the actor’s liver and blood levels and thus diagnose what causes him weakness.

“I began to contact the people who have always helped me, I hope that the blood he needs will be found soon, which is not easy (to find) either.”

“He is conscious, he is weak, he is sometimes bad and giving orders. Sometimes he is worse, sometimes better and suddenly he is calmer ”Portillo said.

Andrés García will be here until his body can take it

Before disclosing the results of Andrés García’s blood tests, his wife had explained that he is in poor health and weak. This as a result of liver cirrhosis that he has.

Prior to the update and request for a blood transfusion, Margarita Portillo indicated that the actor will be “as long as God wants him to be with us”, for which he asked the fans for their prayers.

“He is thin, he cannot walk on his own, he is moved in a wheelchair… He will be there as long as his little body can take it, and as long as God wants him to be with us. I ask for your prayers”Portillo said.

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