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The singer Marco Antonio Solís made a publication that divided opinions.

The singer Marco Antonio Solís made a publication that divided opinions.

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The singer Marco Antonio Solís last Friday shared a sensual and sexy video that he made public on the social network of the camera where he has almost three million followers. In addition, she was shown playing the guitar and delighted her fans with the melody of one of her musical hits.

In turn, the Mexican was taking a break in ‘Amor en silencio spa’ and while he was wearing a bathrobe they ended up recording him, although for many the most striking thing was having seen that after his pose the canvas ended up moving and showed more than it should in the audiovisual

Netizens took the time to let you know what they think about the latest content shared on social media. In turn, several took the opportunity to mention some praise for what they were seeing with little cloth, while They asked him what were the days that he trained that part of his body.

Also, some Instagram users saw fit to make the comparison with Jesus Christ, because for some it is quite similar, according to what they were stating in the comments option. They also mentioned that they were going to “betray” him, just as the Bible relates on these holy days.

“I like her better without showing her legs, that’s for another time Marco, it’s my opinion with all due respect,” “They criticize him for being an artist and everyone does what they want with their lives”, “Please it’s Good Friday and my heart is weak”, “To think that singing so well they still whipped him and nailed him to the cross”, ” What day is it time to do your leg in the gym?”, “Oh what a leg”, “Speak to me Jesus”, “Master, they are going to betray you”“Very relaxed our dear Marcos”, “Lord, what beautiful legs you have”, “But teacher, you are very sublime and sensual next to your musical chord”, “One of the best singers in the world”, “Maestro, do not raise the hornet’s nest ”, were some of the reactions that were recorded in the post.

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