Manny Machado was expelled for protesting after exceeding the time in the batter’s box (Video) | The USA Print

Manny Machado was expelled for protesting after exceeding the time in the batter's box (Video)

The players of the Big leagues They continue to adjust to the new rules this season, but it hasn’t been easy and has claimed several victims, especially the shot clock for pitchers and the time to enter the batter’s box for hitters.

This Tuesday there was a clear example of the new sanctions to the rule in the match between the Arizona D-Backs and San Diego Padreswhen to the Dominican Manny Machado They called him the final strike to strike him out for exceeding the time indicated to receive the pitch.

This year the batters They have 8 seconds to enter the batter’s box and be ready to pitch.if that time is exceeded, the umpire will sentence a strike to the player’s account and in the case of Machado this strike was the third to strike him out and end the first inning.

This decision did not please the third baseman who complained before the umpire in an exalted way and ended up being expelled from the game just in the first inning.

Machado had already been penalized with a strike for exceeding the time in the batter’s box, it happened during the spring training and apparently the Dominican still hasn’t gotten used to the limited 8 seconds he has to prepare at the plate.

The new rules pay off

Since the start of this 2023 season, the average duration of the matches has dropped by 24 minutes, so it seems that the new shot clock is paying off.

Even this Tuesday the game between the Miami Marlins and Minnesota Twins It lasted just under 2 hours. 1 hour and 57 minutes to be exact; which begins to show that the main objective of the new rules is being fulfilled, which is to reduce the duration of the matches and make the game more dynamic.

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