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Penalties are cruel. Going to the shootout is the established way to unbalance an even tie, but there is always one team that ends up suffering and the other, in glory. This time it was Mallorca's turn to rise to heaven and Real to burn in the hell of elimination. Javier Aguirre's team made history and will be in the Cup final against the winner of the duel between Athletic and Atlético, which will be played tomorrow. It will be the fourth time for him. The storm gave a truce at game time, as if it knew its importance, and did not want the weather conditions, beyond the cold of a winter night, to spoil the spectacle of a Cup semi-final. But what they did not spoil was The weather phenomena during the first half ruined both teams, because, perhaps because of nerves, maybe because of swimming and putting away clothes, they insisted on playing insubstantial football.


Remiro, Le Normand, Hamari Traore, Zubeldia, Javi Galán (Tierney, min. 90), Brais (Beñat Turrientes, min. 79), Martín Zubimendi, Merino (Jon Ander Olasagasti, min. 104), André Silva (Sheraldo Becker, min. 45), Take Kubo (Sadiq, min. 104) and Arsen Zakharyan (Oyarzabal, min. 63)



Dominik Greif, Giovanni González, Jaume Costa (Lato, min. 98), Raíllo, Copete, Valjent, Dani (Darder, min. 98), Samuel Costa (Omar Mascarell, min. 105), Antonio Sánchez (Manu Morlanes, min. 72), Abdón Prats (Muriqi, min. 62) and Cyle Larin (Radonjic, min. 105)

Goals 0-1 min. 50: Giovanni González. 1-1 min. 70: Oyarzabal.

Referee Jesus Gil Manzano

Yellow cards Copete (min. 20), Jaume Costa (min. 88), Muriqi (min. 108) and Le Normand (min. 112)

La Real wanted to propose that this is why they were playing at home, supported by the spirit of almost full stands, but they are in low spirits from the last few games at Reale, in which they have lacked the strength they had left over from the previous season. . He is missing basic elements and some other complements that he always added. Without that spark, it costs a lot for the San Sebastian team to create danger. For Mallorca, determined to hunt for a counterattack or take advantage of a possible error in Real's management, the scenario, if not ideal, was quite favorable. The islanders played calmer, because nothing was happening, and that against Imanol's team is enough. At some point Real's release of the ball failed, and Aguirre's team, ahead, at times took control. If not, it was enough for him to throw long from behind, looking for Abdon's or Larin's head, in the hope of catching some counter. Until almost half-time, Real's only shot on goal, which Greif stopped without problems, was taken by Zakharyan from very far away. Mallorca didn't even have that, because only in a robbery in the middle of the field was Abdon able to hook a shot that went wide.

The first half was boring until, almost at the limit, Zubimendi lifted a ball towards the penalty spot and got in through Raíllo, who stuck out his left arm and intercepted the shot. It was a penalty of those that have no discussion, of which the VAR can only say amen. But Oyarzabal, the specialist, was not on the field, so it was Brais Méndez who took responsibility, but he threw poorly, weakly and down the middle. Greif pushed him away with his feet. It is the third maximum penalty that the Galician midfielder misses this season. The San Sebastián team went crestfallen to the truce, but they returned revitalized and in the first minutes they boxed Mallorca. However, they immediately realized that a Cup semi-final is not a Disney movie, when on their first arrival, the visiting team took the lead after a cross from the left by Jaume Costa, which González, without anyone to watch him, He placed his head where Remiro couldn't reach.

It was a blow to the Real's waterline, which reacted like a wounded animal. The harassment that began at that moment was brutal, fierce, although without many ideas when the ball was around the area. The blue and white team had no choice but to try to find a tie by any means possible, changing the ball from side to side. Kubo appeared, although the surveillance was extreme, and the bombing of the area began to be a constant. Everything changed, however, when Oyarzabal jumped onto the field. The Real team was activated and so was the stands, who once again saw their moral reference on the grass. Also his favorite striker, of course. And he immediately showed the fans that he was on the pitch, when he received a good pass from Brais, inside the area, to finish crosswise with his right foot and make the tie. From then on he persisted with Real until time ran out, but he achieved nothing more. At least, Oyarzabal's goal forced extra time, which began with Mallorca in suspense due to an action in which there could have been a handball or a goal by Samú Costa in the same lot. The VAR did not appreciate anything.

Then extra time, a lot of fear for both teams, and the penalties. Oyarzabal missed his, all the others entered and Mallorca will be in La Cartuja.

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