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La película de Barbie llegará verano, y también dos restaurantes Malibú Barbie Cafe.

The Barbie movie is coming summer, and so are two Malibu Barbie Cafe restaurants.

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In the midst of the furore that Barbie is causing, the most anticipated movie of the year, Malibu Barbie Cafe, will open in New York and Chicago this summer.

The Malibu Barbie Cafe is a 1970s-inspired pop-up cafe in Malibu, California, with a sea of ​​optimistic Barbie colours, laid-back beach motifs and plenty of retro glamour. In the restaurant you will find photographs inspired by Barbie Malibu.

In the restaurant too you will find the iconic life-size Barbie Box with whom to photograph you with your best poses. You’ll be able to fit in a box of full-size Barbie dolls with your best friends.

It will be the Bucket Listers team who is in charge of bringing Malibu Barbie Café to life, which is conceived as a family restaurant that “allows guests to experience the best way of dining inspired by Barbie”.

On site you can request fast casual food created by MasterChef semifinalist Becky Brown. The menu includes desserts and a variety of drinks, classic items with a unique Barbie-inspired twist.

Menu items include Pacific Paradise Pancakes, West Coast Wave Wedge Salad and a California Dreamin’ Club Sandwich. Among the desserts, you can choose an Anything is Possible ice cream.

At the pop-up restaurant, fans can also get exclusive Barbie merchandise.

The Malibu Barbie Cafe will open its doors in New York from May 17 to September 15. In Chicago, the pop-up restaurant will open from June 7 to September 15.

Since reservations for pop-up restaurants tend to sell out quickly, you may want to join the waitlist to be among the first to know when tickets go on sale.

In both New York and Chicago, Malibu Barbie Café restaurants will handle the same costs. Prices start at $35 for children and $50 for adults. Each ticket purchase will include a reserved seat, a guaranteed window of time to dine, and choice of entrée and side.

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