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The Real Madrid players, during the minute of silence held in memory of Amancio Amaro, last Tuesday at Anfield.

There is history because there is memory

Being a Real Madrid legend is difficult because history weighs heavily and there is a lot of competition. Amancio, Honorary President, happened this week when Liverpool was waiting for Madrid in the Champions League. And an endless parade of people said goodbye to him as he deserved in the Palco del Bernabeu. His family, Florentino, the teammates from his generation, Ancelotti, some current players, emblems like Raúl, the future of the club represented by the youth squad led by Arbeloa. Present, past and future were in the farewell united by history, affection and pride in something that left the impression of being solid and valuable as a family. In such urgent times, memory continues to make its way to say goodbye with all honors to someone who brightened the lives of many people and marked their football time with fire.

The Real Madrid players, during the minute of silence held in memory of Amancio Amaro, last Tuesday at Anfield.PHIL NOBLE (REUTERS)

As a tribute, a general review

While the dribble cried for Amancio, one of its owners, Vinicius asked for passage with the ball at his feet in his inexhaustible way. One glory leaves and others appear; those and these uploaded to a constant: the competitive fierceness and the taste for the impossible that the club injects as the first premise of its identity. Madrid is no joke and this week they showed it again at Anfield. The largest volcanic stadium in Europe took a quarter of an hour to erupt. Cooling that required a solutions manual that culminated in a new chapter of unforgettable authority. The collective harmony and individual quality recorded in us that there is no football style that identifies Real Madrid, but rather a mystique and temperamental traits that miraculously pass from generation to generation and that make the fans proud to the same extent that they scare others. the rivals.

There will be no style, but plenty of show

At this point, being Real Madrid is believing in miracles. Lately, as demanded by the world of entertainment, the team has subscribed to the “most difficult yet”. But I note that the ridiculous accusation of lack of style and the astonishment caused by the heroic responses to adversity, forgets a characteristic that was born with the club: the sense of showmanship typical of superior talents that tune in on the fly. The goal that closed the game against Liverpool is a good example. Modric drilled through the midfield with class and tenacity, unloaded on the ubiquitous Vinicius who searched first for Benzema. But when the ball reached Karim with the goal in front, he had gone from being alone to being in the middle of a crowd, with Alisson in the front row. A feint was enough for the goalkeeper to overturn and a truck full of Liverpool players. Amancio would have applauded. The next thing was to deposit the fifth goal.

We must take care of it

“Teams are made of glass” and Liverpool is a good example. An organized, physical team, with more combative enthusiasm than calm judgment and for that very reason fearsome. He didn’t dance you, but you passed over. Like in the first 15 minutes of the game with Madrid, but always. Some important player left, others were injured, they had conviction and stopped being a walking danger. But the parties do not change alone. It was necessary for Madrid to appear as if the blows in the form of goals did not hurt, as if they had more time than their rivals to solve the problem first and exaggerate until the five goals later, as if by historical right they were authorized to do the impossible. . Amancio at the Bernabéu and Madrid at Anfield told us the same thing: that legend has no end.

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