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Madrid is above most European countries in performing medical diagnostic tests

The executive vice president of the Coordinated Institute of Governance and Applied Economics (Icgea), Jesús Sánchez Lambás, following the latest comparative analysis of the Community of Madrid and 27 European countries, including Spain, stated that “Madrid has the resources, the infrastructure and the necessary health professionals who, today, allow you to position itself at the European head in carrying out some of the tests most in demand by doctors when it comes to offering an accurate diagnosis to their patients”.

“It is the case of MRIs, PET scans, or CT scans, which allow to specify or determine the causes of a disease. Undoubtedly, its quantification is a good indicator to measure the capacity that different countries and regions have when it comes to giving an efficient response to their citizens in terms of hospital diagnosis”, he added.

In relation to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Madrid, according to this analysis, led the performance of this type of test in 2022 with a total of 167.8 performed per 1,000 inhabitants, ahead of the average values ​​presented by the 27 countries. analyzed Europeans. Behind the Community of Madrid are Norway, with 139 RM on average carried out in 2022; Belgium, with 107.2; and Denmark, with 100.6. Spain is placed in fifth position, with 100.3 tests carried out per 1,000 inhabitants. At the European tail are Slovenia (3.8), Serbia (4.4), Hungary (5.0) or Bulgaria (5.3).

Besides, Madrid is in the top 3 in terms of year-on-year growth in performing this type of diagnostic test, with an 11.7% increase in 2022 compared to 2021; behind Portugal, which grew by 16.1%; and Malta, which did so by 12%. On the contrary, countries such as Estonia or Luxembourg saw a reduction in the number of RMs in the last year (-1.1% and -0.5%), followed by Slovakia (0.5%), France (0.7%) or Germany (0.7%), all of them at the bottom in the comparison of 2022 compared to the previous year.

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In the case of pets (positron emission tomography), Madrid closes the top 3 of the total of the 27 European countries analyzed, with 8.9 tests performed per 1,000 inhabitants, only behind Denmark (16.1) and Belgium (9.2 ); but ahead of the Netherlands (6.9), Switzerland (6.7), or Spain itself, with an average of 6.1 tests carried out. At the bottom are Serbia (0), Latvia (0.1), Hungary (0.2), Slovenia (0.3) and Germany (0.5).

Regarding the growth in PETs compared to 2021, Hungary leads with an increase of 38%; followed by Greece, with an increase of 29.9%; and Slovenia, 24.3%. Madrid, meanwhile, is in ninth position with an increase of 12.8%, ahead of the Spanish average, which presents an interannual growth of 7.9%.

“Madrid is among the top positions in the tests analyzed, demonstrating the ability of its healthcare to respond quickly and efficiently to some of the most demanded services. Some data that, in addition, contribute to considerably expediting the waiting lists in Madrid hospitals and has a decisive influence on the level of care offered by the region as a whole ”, affirms the group of experts from the Coordinate Institute.

Finally, in relation to the performance of CT scans (Computerized Axial Tomography), Madrid was in the top 5 in Europe in 2022, with 163 per 1000 inhabitants, behind Portugal (253), Denmark (217), Belgium (208 ) and Luxembourg (202); but ahead of 21 of the 27 countries analysed, including Spain, with an average of 149.

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Madrid also leads the growth in relation to the number of TACs carried out in 2022 compared to the previous year, in comparison with the group of 27 European countries analyzed. The interannual growth of the Community of Madrid stood at 11.7%; followed by Croatia with 11.4%, and Portugal with 10.8%. Spain, for its part, grew an average of 5.0%.

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Recently, the ICGEA revealed that, within Spain Madrid is the community with the highest growth in diagnostic tests in 2022 With respect to 2021 and one of the “most agile and transparent regions when it comes to publishing the relative data regarding the number of patients pending outpatient consultations, surgical operations and diagnostic tests”.

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