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El suertudo ganador planea usar su nueva fortuna para hacer algunas mejoras en su casa y para ahorrar para su jubilación.

The lucky winner plans to use his new fortune to make some home improvements and save for retirement.

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A Missouri State Lottery player He held a winning $1 million Powerball ticket in his hands, but didn’t realize it until three months later. to have been the draw.

The reason you didn’t realize it is that the player has a system for knowing when to check their lottery tickets. “I have an alarm set to check my tickets every three months. So I didn’t know for a while,” the player told lottery officials.

When the alarm on her cell phone finally told her to check her lottery tickets, the player realized that he had a Powerball ticket with a prize of $1 million dollars.

That ticket matched all five white balls drawn during the Powerball drawing on Jan. 2, authorities said.

“I watched it and I won $1 million!” said the lucky winner, according to Yahoo.

The man quickly went to tell his wife, but she didn’t believe him at first.

“She thought it was a joke,” the man recalled as he went to collect the prize money at the state lottery headquarters.

The player, who preferred to keep his identity a secret, went to collect his prize on March 29, about 12 weeks after the draw..

The winning ticket was purchased at a convenience store called On the Run in the town of Rock Hill.

The lucky winner plans to use his new fortune to make some home improvements and save for retirement.

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