Loki advances its premiere to new prime time

Loki advances its premiere to new prime time


The second season of Loki – Loki advances its premiere to new prime time96% is one of the most important premieres for Marvel fans, especially because this year the franchise failed to deliver great proposals that would boost the future of its phases. In this way, the title is a priority for Disney Plus, where it will now try to follow a new format to premiere its most relevant programs, and it has just been announced that the company will give prime time to Loki instead of just releasing each chapter when the day starts.

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The new season of Loki could reaffirm fan loyalty

Since the premiere of Thor – Loki advances its premiere to new prime time77%, Loki became one of the public’s favorite characters thanks to the great work of Tom Hiddleston that helped a lot to elevate him among the heroes, especially after his appearance in The Avengers – Loki advances its premiere to new prime time92%. As the years went by, this villain with a heart of gold remained at the top of the cinematic universe and grew until he found a place of redemption that promised an interesting path for his future that, unfortunately, was interrupted by Thanos at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War – Loki advances its premiere to new prime time79%.

But it was clear that Disney and Marvel would not let one of their most appreciated figures go and they soon announced a series focused on him. At that time, fans did not know exactly what this spin-off would look like or if it would be a prequel, but things became clearer when Avengers: Endgame was released – Loki advances its premiere to new prime time95% and we saw that a variant of Loki managed to escape between space and time. Although the series does not show us the character who has already gone through so much and finally managed to evolve, it does put him on the same path but in such a way that the change can only depend on him. On the other hand, the series opened the doors to the theme of multiverses and became a key piece for the new phases of the company that aim to close a cycle with the heroes fighting against Kang the Conqueror.

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Official poster for the second season of Loki (Source: IMDb)
Official poster for the second season of Loki (Source: IMDb)

Streaming services have completely changed the way we consume television series and even the expectations we have for their premieres, and it is not unusual for these titles to reach the respective catalogs as soon as the confirmed day arrives, thus avoiding problems. with different schedules. Until a few years ago, the norm was for an episode to premiere at a certain time that varied depending on the territory, which meant that some viewers could see the episode one or two hours before others, thus causing many lawsuits because spoilers quickly reached networks. social.

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In this way, the streaming platforms achieved something incredible by unifying the premieres, and the majority arrive in their catalogs a few hours after midnight, so although some binge-watch from early morning, the majority can start as soon as they wake up and no longer feel that history is ruined. Now, Disney is trying to give a new twist to things, one that at the same time takes us back a few years and at the same time promises to start a new stage for its service, and although it did not begin with the second season of Lokiyes it will take a very strong impulse with it.

Loki will have prime time

On official social networks, Disney launched a special announcement where Miss Minutes confirms the new schedule of the series, one that will apply to the entire second season of Loki which will premiere every Thursday, with a trend similar to that followed by classic television channels. This series is not the first to receive this treatment, as Ahsoka – 77% went through something similar, although the company did not promote the issue as much and simply waited to see the results, which in the end were positive enough to repeat them with the Marvel universe.

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Ahsoka It also premiered each episode in prime time, and it seems that the public received it very well, since it is already one of the most watched Star Wars titles on the platform, something that balances how badly Andor did – Loki advances its premiere to new prime time90%, which despite receiving great criticism from fans and specialists, failed to find its viewers. It is clear that Disney knows that Marvel is also going through a difficult period so this method will surely benefit the numbers of Lokiand this series seems to be the great salvation of the UCM for 2023.

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