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With the merger of WWE and UFC companies, social media celebrity Logan Paul has surprised with his statements the affirm that he would like to be champion of WWE, UFC and boxing at the same time, find out all the details of the wwe news next.

Logan Paul as WWE, UFC and undisputed boxing champion?

The WWE landscape is about to change, last Monday the sale of 51% of the company’s shares to the company Edeavor of the UFC, many hope that UFC entities influence decisions about current champions, with all this there would be a superstar that I would have a great goal to achieve.

It’s about the social media mega star Logan Paul who in a recent interview for BT Sports, commented that he would like win the world championship of WWE, the maximum championship of UFC and even the one of Boxing at the same time being undisputed champion, This was what the celebrity said on the aforementioned portal.

«There was a part of me that really wanted to become a WWE champion, a UFC champion and a Boxing champion. That feels impossible and will probably never be realized. But if I just decided, if I really did decide, something tells me I probably could. What are we chasing here? The answer would be legacy, so how important is that for me to be remembered forever if I become a triple champion in three different industries?

The possibilities are endless and anything can happen. who knows and the popularity of The Maverick makes this great dream possible, it should be remembered that Logan Paul’s wrestling contract with WWE is about to expire, it is very probable that with these words he wants sign a new contract.

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