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Local or cloud password managers: which one to choose

Like it or not, much of our data and personal information is in the cloud. In the globalized and hyperconnected world in which we live, who does not have a smartphone with applications everywhere and web pages that request prior registration? Digital life requires the possession of a multitude of passwords to be able to carry out admiring procedures, connect to different platforms or even to access our work email. such an amount of passwords it demands a consistent memorization, therefore, it is not surprising that many of us resort to ‘remember password’ due to lapses and forgetfulness. Well, now you can use local or cloud password managers to keep passwords safe and keep your data safe.

A password manager, whether local or in the cloud, is an administrator that offers you the service of storing the passwords of your applications as well as the corresponding user in a safe and risk-free manner.

An on-premises or cloud password manager?

Most password managers have a similar function, although it is true that there are two main types of this type of password storage. The cloud password manager manages passwords directly from the web browser, i.e. online, and the local password manager stores the data in a program without the need to be connected to the internet.

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Pros and passwords of a cloud password manager

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The main advantage of the password manager in the cloud is synchronization with different devices, which allows you to always have any password at hand. One of the most popular online password managers is 1Password. You just have to choose the subscription plan that best suits your needs—from $7.99 a month to $19.95—and the software itself takes care of storing your passwords. Among its features, it stands out its usability and that it is suitable for iOS and Android devices.

Advantages and disadvantages of a local password manager

A local password manager is nothing more than a database of all our passwords. The main advantage is that the database is managed by the user himself, being ourselves the ones who have to store the password without any software involved. One of its great advantages is that the data is not in the cloud or in the possession of any software. However, its great disadvantage is that, being manual, it does not have synchronization with the rest of the devices of the same user. One of the most prominent local password managers is Keepass since it is free and intuitive.

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