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Unveiled on Thursday 23 February, a DREES study (Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics), shows that the over 65 stay fit longer. The healthy, disability-free life gain has gone from 10.2 years to 11.3 years for men and from 11.8 years to 12.6 years for womencompared to 2020 figures. These figures remain to qualify, firstly because some interviews were carried out by telephone and not face to face because of the pandemic, which may have distort the results (source 1).

Some seniors maintain themselves as best they can, especially by walking. A little physical exercise, even if you notice that you don’t look the same as before, can allow you to age better, by regularly maintaining your body, through movement. These figures can also be explained with better disease management over 2 years, according to Benoît Ourlais, deputy director of health observation and health insurance.

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