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Professional sport is extremely tough. To become an elite athlete the road is very long, with a huge amount of sacrifices on the way to our dreams.

The mental demand to which athletes are subjected is enormous, with a lifestyle in which every detail counts. On a physical level, the body has to accompany us, loaded with injuries as a toll. In that balance they face virtues and talent.

In daily work one realizes the difficulty. In training and competitions, the body is pushed to the limit, accepting aches and pains like a traveling companion. At certain levels, no one has an intact body on the way to their goals.

Having discomfort is common, but pain and chronic injuries are something different. The athlete is aware of how many times he can force without his discomfort worsening. However, there is also the fear of having a long-term injury due to not giving the body the necessary rest. There, the mind usually stops dead.

In the pursuit of excellence, our body is the vehicle. Injuries are part of sport, something every athlete is clear about, but there are also certain limits. When an injury prevents you from exercising normally on a daily basis, we are facing a concern.

Examples such as Pau Gasol and Rafael Nadal, limited by chronic foot injuries, the case of Marc Márquez with his arm or the gymnast Samantha Cerio with her knees, who had to leave her profession forever, with known cases that come to mind mind.

life beyond victory

Behind every success there is a pulse against the body, a daily punishment in search of improvement. The price that is sometimes paid in sport is enormous, conditioning daily life beyond competition. The problems come when the athlete thinks about tomorrow, prevented from enjoying it personally in the future.

Life much more beyond a victory. Happiness is above any title and that is a pulse that always pursues athletes. With the body at the limit, the pain endured and forced leads us to a dilemma: to what extent is it worth mortgaging the physique for when the sports career is over.

Will it have been worth the effort? It is a question that we often ask ourselves. Surely yes, but this thought occupies the mind when injuries arrive and it is difficult to counteract it.

Listening to the body is as important as any improvement. Leaving his skin until the last moment, the athlete never forgets his facet as a person. And this deserves visibility in professional competition.

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