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Keanu Reeves already had a place saved in the history of action movies thanks to Matrix- Lionsgate prepares John Wick video game - The USA Print87% and its sequels, so not many expected him to revamp himself to do something totally unique. Another Day To Kill – Lionsgate prepares John Wick video game - The USA Print85% It started as a very simple idea about a man seeking revenge that would be used as the perfect excuse to have a lot of hand-to-hand combat, chases and various weapons confrontations. The film became a hit and launched a franchise that always stood tall, and although John Wick 4 – Lionsgate prepares John Wick video game - The USA Print93% seems to close the main plot, the production company is ready to look for other alternatives to exploit this canon, like with a video game.

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The original tape makes it clear that John Wick was the best hitman of all, but he abandoned that career, but not before completing one last, violent and seemingly impossible mission, so he could be with the woman he loved. Unfortunately, she dies and he is left devastated trying to care for a small puppy that she left him as a reminder of her ability to love her. When a mobster’s son steals Wick’s prized car and kills his dog, the protagonist decides to revert to his old habits for grim and entertaining revenge.

The direction, music, photography, choreography and work of Reeves were instrumental in raising this film above others of a similar cut, and Lionsgate immediately realized they had a gold mine on their hands. Chad Stahelski, who spent years working as a stunt double, managed to create something new for the fights that at this point were already very repetitive in other titles of the genre. But this did not mean, at any time, that the narrative work was abandoned in favor of blind action. The sequels couldn’t just follow Wick on pointless vendettas, so John Wick 2: A New Day to Kill – Lionsgate prepares John Wick video game - The USA Print89% it really fed more canon about this world of criminals and how they operate in the shadows of various specialized hotels.

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After his actions in the first film, the great leaders of the criminal world consider that if Wick does not return to being a murderer then he is too dangerous to be alive, so the franchise became this journey that the protagonist follows where he must face the consequences of his violent acts while doing his best to return to a place of peace. john wick 4 It wraps up that story nicely, and while the main character is technically dead, there are a number of ways to bring him back, either a basic “faked his death” trick or through installments set before and during the events we already saw in the principal line.

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Chad Stahelski He has already commented on several occasions that he has no intention, at least for now, of working a fifth. For his part, Reeves once mentioned that he would play Wick as long as audiences accepted him, but he also now acknowledges that the finale of the last film works very well for his story arc. However, the production company has its own plans and for that it gave the green light to a spin-off called ballerina already a prequel series called The Continentalbut in addition to everything, they hope to continue with the murderer as the protagonist with a fifth film that, they say, is already being worked on, and with a video game that could be very useful for fans.

During a call to find out the company’s earnings in recent months (via, joe drakepresident of Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, confirmed the plans to continue extending this saga:

Now we’re moving through that franchise, not just in the AAA video game space, but looking at what the regular cadence of spin-offs is, television will really grow that universe so that there’s a consistent cadence of one franchise per which the audience has a clear appetite.

Although there is no more information about the video game, the AAA types are those developed by large companies, which implies a very high investment in development, graphics and promotion, so if one of John Wick is released we can expect something unique and not only a complement to the film saga. On the other hand, in a video game it is easier to put the protagonist back without the need for a sequel, since they could make a prequel where his old works are shown and how he gradually formed a reputation within the criminal world. Under these circumstances, the Keanu Reeves He could well return to lend image and voice to the project, although nothing has been said for now.

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