Lionel Messi’s house in Barcelona suffered an attempted assault | The USA Print

Lionel Messi's house in Barcelona suffered an attempted assault

Photo: FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images

The iconic striker of Paris Saint Germain (PSG) and captain of the Argentina team, Lionel Messi, suffered a severe blow when he found out about the attempted robbery at his home located in the city of Barcelona; The good news for the figure is that the criminals were unsuccessful in their actions and left empty-handed.

The information was released by the Spanish television program, ‘Y Ahora Sonsoles’, where it was detailed that a total of two subjects dressed completely in black tried to enter the home of the current Qatar 2022 World Cup champion to steal some of his belongings. great value in the property.

The incident occurred at approximately 02:00 (Spanish time) and was revealed through security cameras. In the video you can see how the subjects walk through the main garden of the house to try to enter, although they did not manage to break the security measures at the entrances.

The journalist Carlos Quílez pointed out that the thieves did everything possible to force the lock, and seeing that they could not enter the house, they decided to leave before the police arrived.

Two individuals have assaulted Lionel Messi’s home with the intention of robbing it. It has been an assault that has been perpetrated this morning. The individuals were captured by the security cameras of the house in Barcelona, ​​”he explained.

Until now, Lionel Messi has not commented on the matter, this is because he is totally focused on the game that Paris Saint Germain will have against Nice in Ligue 1 in France, so he focused his day on team training.

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