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Sarah Bernhardt was born in 1844 and was an actress, sculptor, painter, wrote memoirs. But she above all she was a diva. That is, she suffered a lot. She collected loves, objects, paintings and surgeries. She performed almost all the great plays of the time, but eager to always remain Sarah Bernhardt, she surrounded herself with eccentricities: she wanted to implant a lion’s tail (the doctors refused) and the crocodile she had in her house died from drinking too much milk and champagne. They called her ‘divine Sarah’.

The Petit Palais in Paris dedicates an exhibition to him. The painting that serves as an image for the exhibition reflects a sensual woman, in a silk robe with feathers, in a provocative position, semi-reclining on a sofa. It was painted by her friend George Clairin. I had seen the painting before I went, so I was surprised to see another reflection, the one portrayed by her friend (and lover of hers at some point), Louise Abbéma. In the eyes of the painter, the actress became a sober, serene woman, and she transmitted a regal and composed halo. As I say, Sarah Bernhardt and Louise Abbéma were lovers for a while, but mostly they were lifelong friends. This is attested by the last photo of the exhibition with this dedication written on a photograph that the actress gave to Abbéma towards the end of her days: “Her friend of hers forever and soon from the afterlife”.

I am viewing this exhibition after reading Paloma Rando’s interview with Sandra Oh, which begins, as it could not be otherwise, with the anecdote of my person, the nickname and the role that Cristina Yang and Meredith Gray played in the series that made our cover character famous, Grey’s Anatomy. The text tells that Shonda Rhimes, creator of the series, explained that the theme of the series was precisely the relationship between them. And it is true.

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How they see each other defines who they are: friends always, even when they’re angry and can’t stand each other. Rivals (please listen misshapen weekly and his chapter on female rivalry) who spurred each other on and remained friends. Now that we talk so much about sorority, I think of those unique friendships that survive conflicts, anger, couples, romantic love, filial love…

But Sandra Oh, in addition to being the eternal Cristina Yang who is still recognized today by teenagers in the supermarket and whispers to her “my person”, It is above all an example of how to maintain a successful career without submitting to the demands of being a star (the public suffering of divas, what a perverse teaching). Last over time without forcing, renewing each time, not yearning for an ephemeral fame by definition that can make you wish you had a lion’s tail.

The same thing happens to the model Erin Wasson, one of the great tops one of the first 2000 who has not lost a bit of his talent, although now he chooses his jobs as he wants from Marseille, where he runs a cafe with his partner. Or Custo, the Catalan designer who revolutionized the 2000s, who remains in the collective imagination (his shirts of his can cost 600 euros on second-hand sales platforms) and who now collaborates with Abra. Gioconda Scott, the cook we portrayed in our Pleasures section, taught Ana Fernández Abad all the tradition of the Sierra de Cazalla, where she grew up and where, after traveling around the world many times, she wants to live.

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Durability, that concept on which a large part of sustainability is based, not only affects objects, but also friendships, love affairs, professions, well-being. It takes enough energy to hold it, but not enough energy that it breaks.

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