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Since its creation in 2003, LinkedIn has evolved considerably to become the best professional social network. Thanks to recent technological advances, its algorithm has improved to allow many users to develop their careers and professional networks, but also their content. But “improve” in what sense? How is LinkedIn’s algorithm in particular performing in 2023?

Why should LinkedIn’s algorithm matter in 2023?

LinkedIn has 830 million users worldwide and 24 million members in France. In addition to its professional networking dimension, this social network has turned into a platform where assets can exchange their views and ideas regarding past or current events.

To ride the wave, quality posts are more likely to be featured and appear more often on LinkedIn. Who says quality, says content that reaches your audience to either have a better chance of being spotted by the algorithm, or of being re-shared and naturally staying in the news feed.

So, to optimize your publications, not only think about training. This training “Implementing a Social Media Strategy” allows you to develop the visibility of your website and the turnover of your company. But at the same time, get involved in the content (by liking, commenting or sharing). And to benefit from the real advantages of the LinkedIn algorithm, you must have defined a marketing strategy that will fulfill its criteria of satisfaction. This is valid for any type of post: newsletter, article, audio or video support.

Thanks to your expertise, you must bring them value to engage them to follow you and be loyal to you. Your communication plan must therefore be designed according to your targets and their needs.

LinkedIn Algorithm

LinkedIn Algorithm Satisfaction Criteria

To meet LinkedIn’s criteria, create value-added content that will engage your readers. One of six LinkedIn reactions (Like, Love, Thumbs Up, Support, Instructive, and Interesting) are evidence of their appeal to your posts and yours to theirs.

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Your reactions will then be analyzed by the algorithm, but all have the same weight in terms of statistics and impact. Concretely, each reaction added to a publication brings 2% of reach to the person who posted it and 3% to the one who reacted. Additionally, when reactions are clicked on a company post, it can bring 3-4% reach to those who follow the company.

The algorithm also takes into account the dwell time or time spent by readers on a publication. The longer the time, the more LinkedIn interprets this as an interesting post and promotes it in the News Feed.

If you post a comment within 24 hours of a post, you’ll get up to 4x more reach than any reaction mentioned above. Done within the first 2 hours, the reach of this comment can exert 7 times more impact for the algorithm.

Also, consider calculating the best time to post on LinkedIn based on your target audience. LinkedIn ensures that only constructive comments (those longer than five words) are counted to prevent cheating attempts to better analyze post performance.

The keys to creating content with high added value

LinkedIn assigns an SSI score to all your posts. Therefore, do not produce content that is intended solely to satisfy artificial intelligence (AI). Keep in mind that each post must be primarily intended for human beings, to capture human attention. Good tools combined with a reasonable frequency and use of LinkedIn features should therefore remain your priority.

Concretely, the creator mode of LinkedIn is a must to generate traffic. With 5 words to introduce you, your profile will not go unnoticed if you make sure to choose them well to better define yourself. This will allow you to be more easily referenced by the algorithm.

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Once activated, your profile will appear as an influencer to give you additional features. In this case, the “Connect” button is replaced by “Follow” and the number of connections in your profile is replaced by your followers.

And did you know that LinkedIn’s system works like an anti-spam? This means that posting 3 to 5 content per hour will not help much! The key to becoming popular on LinkedIn lies not in the quantity of posts, but rather in the regularity and frequency of your presence.not robotized.

Additionally, for quick referencing, the hashtag remains an effective option. However, limit the minimum number of hashtags to include in your content to 3 to 5 to gain visibility and maximize the reach of your messages.

linkedin algorithm

Create an engaging relationship!

As on any social network, invite your visitors to engage by challenging them via a call to action. To do this, the easiest way to get feedback is to ask your audience what they think, froma survey. This inclusive and participative system proves to them that their opinions matter to you.

In addition to encouraging interaction, polls are an effective way to conduct a survey. This type of call to action gets about 4.5 times more attention than a regular message. Furthermore, users will appreciate being asked to share their points of view.

To share a post on LinkedIn in an optimal way, accompany the original publication with a text that you have written in at least 150 words. Adding 3 hashtags to it beyond those already present, without forgetting to mention the author and trying to bounce it on the content you have added can be an open door for other users.

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To demonstrate your dynamism and your presence, be on the lookout for comments in order to respond within the hour to benefit from a lifespan of 1 hour. The fact that readers flit from content to content should not be minimized. They’ll start sniffing you around and reciprocate when they realize you’re active.

THE LinkedIn emojis are also powerful and can give a whole new dimension to your post. They don’t change the algorithm, but help make posts more readable and engaging, which helps captivate the reader. You can also incorporate emojis related to the text of your post to make it easier to read and increase its appeal. Use them to pace the reading, for example by adding check marks or smileys at the end of each section, in order to encourage readers to go further. This allows a human and fun dimension.

Finally, to take advantage of the benefits of LinkedIn’s algorithm, diversify your content and do not focus only on the textual side. Live for example, more lively, and playful content will allow you to increase your visibility.

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