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LinkedIn has just launched new tools intended to optimize the description and the title of an article in order to reach more people looking for specific subjects. A novelty that is also accompanied by new features allowing users to schedule newsletters and highlight them in search results.

In a post published on February 23, Keren Baruch of LinkedIn officially announced new features already mentioned at the end of January by Search Engine Land. Intended for improve user visibility and simplify their communication actionsthese new features mainly concern the personalization and promotion of articles and newsletters.

Customizing the title and description of a LinkedIn article

To customize the title and description of your article, and thus help it gain visibility, simply create a new article, go to the publication menu, accessible at the top left, then click on “preferences ” (Or ” settings if you are using the English version of the site).

This is where the two famous fields to fill in are found:

  • SEO title (limited to 60 characters, including spaces)
  • SEO description (limited to 160 words)
Optimization of the SEO title and description of an article – Source: LinkedIn

New features for LinkedIn newsletters

In his publication, Keren Baruch also announced several new features specifically relating to newsletters, introduced as a reminder in 2021:

  • Previously reserved for posts, planning is now extended to newsletters (and articles) to facilitate publications at the most opportune times.
  • Subscribing to the newsletter is simplified thanks to a URL or a button to insert on Linkedin or any other site in order to allow Internet users to register with a simple click. The personalized link to insert is accessible in the menu dedicated to the edition of the newsletters.
  • Newsletters are now displayed and accessible from search resultsin particular in the case of a search relating to the name of the profile at the origin of the publication.
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Customizing the activities displayed on the profile

Finally, LinkedIn has modified the “Activity” section to promote content visibility. In particular, the user has the possibility of choose the content they want to highlight in this section, whether images, videos, comments, documents or newsletters. Haven’t noticed any changes on your side yet? Don’t worry, this update should be available to all members of the social network in the coming weeks!

Selection of an activated to be displayed in priority – Source: LinkedIn

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