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Lili Estefan showed part of the paradise she enjoys while wearing white shorts on a sunny day

The television host Lili Estefan Last Monday he shared audiovisual content on the camarita’s social network, where he has more than three million followers, which He ends up taking advantage not only to let them see how good he looks, but also to send them a message.

Estefan looked quite calm with a beach look that caught everyone’s attention, and she showed her abdomen because she was with the top part of her swimsuit, while below it was seen that she had a sensual white shorts and a robe that she wore open after enjoying a sunny day with nature.

Everything that today is a sacrifice, tomorrow will be your greatest happiness, and you will be grateful that you didn’t give up. Let’s go my beautiful people and give it everything this week!!!! #happymonday #felizlunes #noparesiguesigue”, was the message that accompanied the publication made in the application.

Lili took the opportunity to highlight the importance of everyone working for their dreams, taking into consideration that life always ends up rewarding, which generates great emotion after obtaining what one wanted.

In turn, others took a few seconds of their time not only to admire her beauty, but also to let her know all the beautiful things they wish for her, because She is recognized in different parts of the world for her extensive professional career that she created throughout the 25 years of ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’.

“And yes, my Lili is beautiful with all of me. Love this week up, that mood”, “What a beautiful place, happy Monday, enjoy it, blessings”, “True, have a nice week”, “Thank you Lili… always beautiful, hugs from Guatemala”, “Forever blessings Lili ”, “Cheers at home Lili, blessings”, “Happy week, beautiful Lili, may God bless you”, “Lily, I am proud of you, and you give me strength to move forward. Thank you and many blessings for your beautiful family!”, “That’s right Lili, give it your all,” were some of the reactions recorded in the post.

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