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LGBTQ+ series: 7 movies and series after watching Netflix’s ‘Heartstopper’


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Apruned as a healthy alternative to euphoriaNetflix’s queer coming-of-age series, heartstopper, has captured the hearts of viewers since its premiere last month.

No wonder they’re already asking for a second season.

As a Call Me by Your Name suitable for all public crossed with sex education Netflix’s adaptation of Alice Oseman’s graphic novel follows the unlikely budding romance of two British students: self-identified nerd Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) and popular rugby star Nick Nelson (Kit Connor).

The eight-episode series has been applauded for its moving depiction of unwavering friendship, affection, and LGBTQ+ youth, as well as meaningful conversations about coming out and mental health.

The reaction of Nick’s mother, played by Olivia Colman (something fans can’t get over), to her son’s coming out has been praised by viewers as a shining example of a sincere and supportive reaction that a father can have in a conversation like that.

And while the sports-mad Nick is still figuring out his sexuality, heart stopper does not revolve around this narrative, but rather portrays coming out as a way to share your sexuality on your own terms.

Many previous series have focused on the trauma of the queer experience, but heart stopper found a perfect balance between romance and adversity, and has helped queer youth feel comfortable with who they are.

‘Heartstopper’ premiered on Netflix last month


However, if you can’t wait until a possible second season to keep your obsession going, there are plenty of uplifting queer movies and series on Netflix that will fill the void it left behind. heart stopper.

Young Royals

Young Royals Netflix is ​​a gay high school drama that navigates Prince Wilhelm of Sweden’s (Edvin Ryding) first same-sex romance. Compared to the tender heart stopper, Lisa Ambjörn’s television drama features more drugs and alcohol as it portrays the indulgent lifestyle of the prestigious Swedish boarding school where the series takes place. When Wilhelm is sent to school to save his reputation, he meets his handsome classmate Simon (Omar Rudberg) and their relationship blossoms.

The Half of It

Another sweet high school romance blossoms in Alice Wu’s hilarious Netflix teen rom-com. In The Half Of Itthe film’s queer lead, Ellie Chu (Leah Lewis), with a nerdy personality similar to Charlie Spring from heart stopper, confronts her true feelings when she is asked to write love letters on behalf of high school athlete, Paul Munsky (Daniel Diemer). Aster (Alexxis Lemire), with whom he has a crush, soon becomes Ellie’s crush as well.

Although the sweet longing for heart stopper isn’t as present in this series, it’s equally a story of self-acceptance and high school romance.

Leah Lewis and Alexxis Lemire in ‘The Half of It’

(Netflix/KC Bailey)


The Dutch series revolves around twenty-something author Anne (Hanna van Vliet), who is ready to leave her life in Amsterdam and move to Montreal to be with her girlfriend Sara (Jouman Fattal), who wishes to be polyamorous.

Continuing to find out what she wants, Anne meets non-binary drag artist Lou (Thorn de Vrie), who lets her into his world and changes her perspective on love, life and sexuality, all while giving Anne a mission. to finish writing your book. Aimed at an audience larger than heart stopper —since this is more of an adult romance—self-discovery and sexuality are crossover themes between the two.

handsome devil

Almost identical to the scene of Heartstopper, Handsome Devil Netflix focuses on the friendship between a popular rugby player and his quiet boarding school roommate. Set in a prestigious Irish school, John Butler’s film is an exploration of an unlikely alliance of friendship and support.

Andrew Scott stars as an inspiring yet aggressive English teacher, Dan, who encourages the boys to be themselves, as he coaches them through the challenging stages of adolescence. Another perspective on coming of age for students groping their way through adolescence.

Alex Strangelove

High school class president Alex Truelove (Daniel Doheny) has a crush on his girlfriend. He’s ready to seal the deal and lose his virginity until he develops a relationship with Elliot (Antonio Marziale), a charming and openly gay friend who lives across town.

Elliot inadvertently takes Alex on a dizzying journey of sexual discovery, adventure, and love. Alex’s confusion over his sexuality seems to follow him everywhere, as even the logos on his morning cereal boxes begin to signal his dilemma (by comparing his cereal bars to “gay flakes”). The big question about his sexuality haunts him throughout the series.

‘Alex Strangelove’ premiered on Netflix in 2018

(Walter Thomson/Netflix)

I Am Not Okay with This

After losing her father, Sydney Novak (Sophia Lillis), a frumpy, baby-faced 17-year-old tries to remake her world, navigating loss and adolescence in this heartbreak-filled coming-of-age series. and prone to pimples. Based on the graphic novel by Charles Forsman, I Am Not Okay with This is the second television adaptation of Jonathan Entwistle – the first was The End of the F***ing World— and their collaboration once again produces a look at adolescence that is chaotic, cathartic and relatable.

As Sydney grapples with her sexuality and the telekinesis-like powers she possibly inherited from her father (not forgetting the pimples on her thighs), sexuality refuses to be put on a pedestal. Instead, she is presented as one of the inevitable parts of adolescence.

A Secret Love

Far from the halls of high school, A Secret Love is a Netflix documentary that follows a former baseball player who hid her lesbian relationship from her family for seven decades.

The dramatic reflection is an uplifting but bittersweet take on Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel’s relationship, as the pair move into a nursing home, becoming the first same-sex couple in the residence. This educational documentary tells the story of bravery, secrecy, and difference in changing times.

The first season of heart stopper is available to stream now on Netflix

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