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The new Lefties store has a self-checkout system

Physical stores have changed a lot in recent years: self-checkout boxes, digitized screens that cover entire walls, and large spaces that display the entire collections of the firm in question. In this race to promote consumption at street level, Lefties arrives this month with the inauguration of a spectacular store in the heart of Barcelona.

The clothing firm originally from Tordera (Barcelona), with more than 127 stores throughout the Spanish territory, redesigns the great flagship of its hometown, converted into a large space with a futuristic air.

The new Lefties store has a self-checkout system

Courtesy of the firm

Open to the public since March 3, the new Lefties store has four floors that include all the pieces from its men’s, children’s and women’s collection. It is located in an emblematic 19th century building, designed by Josep Domènech, on the important commercial artery of Portal de l’Àngel.

In this gigantic and wide space, the firm integrates the physical purchase with the online channel. Thus, in addition to being able to purchase the firm’s pieces, accessories and beauty items, the store also has, for the first time, a space for personalizing garments, in which the customer can add embroidery, prints, texts and images to your pleasure.

The Lefties store in Madrid

The Lefties store in Madrid.

Courtesy of the firm

From a cafeteria to mobile notifications for fitting rooms

The boutique is so large that it even includes a cafeteria called Bombon Boss x Lefties. In addition, the changing room area incorporates an innovative shift system that notifies the customer when there is a free changing room through the app, thus reducing queues and customer waiting. The future of physical shopping is here.

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