Launch of 5 tips for immigrants in the face of danger of Law SB 1718 in Florida | The USA Print

Launch of 5 tips for immigrants in the face of danger of Law SB 1718 in Florida | The USA Print

Launch of 5 tips for immigrants in the face of danger of Law SB 1718 in Florida | The USA Print

Although facing a lawsuit from various civil organizations, SB 1718 represents a danger to undocumented immigrants and their families in Florida, which is why the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is reinforcing an emergency plan.

His strategy includes concrete actions that immigrants, family members and friends can take to address any legal issues under the rule signed by Republican Ron DeSantis.

1. Have an emergency plan.- LULAC suggests naming a person—a family member, loved one, neighbor, co-worker, compadre/comadre, or church leader—who can execute an emergency plan in case of detention or deportation.

2. Child care and power of attorney for children.- The undocumented must determine who will take care of and pick up the children from school, while the emergency plan is underway.

However, it is also important to establish a power of attorney for children, to grant power of attorney for the children of immigrants. “By doing so, you will authorize someone to make decisions regarding your education, health care, and living arrangements in the event of your detention,” it says.

3. Lawyer.- It is necessary for immigrants and their families to hire a certified immigration lawyer, in order to have the necessary legal assistance.

4. Car documents.- SB 1718 has provisions for out-of-state driver’s licenses and the transportation of immigrants. Families should make sure the documents for the car they use are in order, including the fact that someone with a valid driver’s license must be listed. “This dual listing will allow them to recover the confiscated vehicle or sell it to cover legal expenses if necessary,” recall the activists.

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5. Power of attorney for financial management: If the owner of a family’s bank accounts is arrested, it is important to give someone you trust power of attorney over financial matters, as that person will be able to handle bank accounts and collect outstanding paychecks from an employer.

“Knowledge is our greatest daily defense to protect families and individuals from being targeted by racial policies,” said Domingo Garcia, president of LULAC. “Parents still have to work to put food on their tables, and the elderly and infirm still need medical care.”

SB 1718 has different provisions against immigrants, such as prosecuting those who transport undocumented immigrants from another state to Florida; require companies to use the E-Verify system to hire and ask hospitals and emergency centers to ask about a person’s immigration status.

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