Lara Dibildos and Conde-Pumpido reappear together after their breakup and the lawyer's scandals: second chance?


Lara Dibildos (52) and Cándido Conde-Pumpido (43) they could have given themselves a second chance or, at least, that can be deduced from the latest photographs that have been published of both, in which They appear taking a walk through Madrid. And not only that: the lawyer went up to the interpreter's house, with whom he was dating for five months, until last October, shortly after he was accused of having committed an alleged sexual assault against a woman who, weeks later, withdrew the complaint. During the time that the sexual scandal lasted, the son of the president of the Constitutional Court found support in his environment. And, among them, was Lara, for whom in this time he has only had good words.

Bundled up and chatting very close to each other, The lawyer and the actress were seen a few days ago walking Dibildos's dog, Trapo. Together they entered the artist's house, who the next day took her pet out again, although without the company of Conde-Pumpido, as can be seen in the photographs published this Wednesday by the magazine. Week. At the moment, neither of them have commented on the matter. However, despite the secrecy that characterized their breakup, they have always let it be known that the distancing was amicable. They were no longer dating, but it was possible to maintain a friendship.

Five months of love, a breakup and an accusation of sexual assault

During the time they were together, They were seen enjoying walks, vacations, kisses on the beach in Tarifa and even joint birthday celebrations.. It seemed that what they were doing was very serious, since both one and the other seemed delighted. He was a great support for the actress after the death of her mother, Laura Valenzuela. They met at a wedding because they both had friends in common and, little by little, love arose. “First we were friends. He was very patient because I was very bad, he supported me a lot. He has a great sense of humor. He is intelligent and a very good person. He is a very good travel companion,” she said.

“I had been single for six years, it was my turn and one is blonde, but she is not stupid”, the presenter even joked. Her last boyfriend, in 2017, was Pablo Marqués, and between 2005 and 2007 she was with Álvaro Muñoz Escassi, the father of one of her two children. “I live day to day and even more so with everything that has happened to me. Today we are fine. Today everything is wonderful. And if one day things cannot be, then the world will not collapse,” she commented, very happy.

New opportunity?

The surprise came when, at the end of October, she shared with absolute naturalness on television that she was “single” again.. A few days later, the lawyer was accused of allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in his chalet, something that he denied at all times and that caused him great discomfort, even having to enter a psychiatric center after an alleged self-inflicted attempt. The complainant later withdrew the complaint. Lara, for her part, remained silent, although he always spoke well of her and hinted that, as her friend, he remained by her side.

“I am very fond of him. He has shown me that in bad times is when you get to know people, and he has been a great support for me“, explained the lawyer, and added: “I adore her and love her as a friend, partner, whatever. I will never take her out of my life.” Once the storm has passed after such a fateful year for both of us, perhaps you can now appreciate the calm. Who knows, giving love a new chance. It seems so.

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