Lanjarón presents ‘ORIGEN’, an initiative to “recover the voice of Lorca with all of Andalusia and celebrate extraordinary culture” | The USA Print

Lanjarón presents 'ORIGEN', an initiative to "recover the voice of Lorca with all of Andalusia and celebrate extraordinary culture"


Lanjarón presented ‘ORIGEN’, a campaign that celebrates Andalusian culture and tradition, recovering the voice of one of the most popular and iconic figures in Andalusia, the poet Federico Garcia Lorca.

Coinciding with the 125th anniversary of his birth, the Lanjarón water brand wants to pay tribute to him “celebrating Andalusian culture, as well as the extraordinary bond he shares with the poet from Granada who one day spent the summer in the town of Lanjarón where he was inspired to write part of his work”.

Lorca is a symbol of its culture and its literary tradition. His work is a clear reflection of Andalusian life and customs. Likewise, he has contributed to keeping Andalusian culture alive and spreading it beyond its borders, leaving a legacy that is still relevant and appreciated today.

Thus, the Lanjarón water brand launches ‘ORIGEN’, an initiative that seeks to “recover the voice of Lorca through the Andalusian people”. A voice of which no records are kept today. In collaboration with the Andalusians, the Lanjarón brand wants to give Lorca a voice through a piece of music created by the DJ’s duo Mëstiza, two of the music producers that “have conquered the hearts of the Andalusians through the fusion of flamenco, electronic music and Spanish folklore”.

In this way, Lanjarón calls on all Andalusians to recite one of Lorca’s most iconic poems ‘Water, where are you going?’ and thus vindicate his pride in belonging to such unique roots.

Lanjarón together with Mëstiza will give the poet a voice like never before. “With the voices of all of Andalusia, the duo of music producers will compose a song called ‘ORIGEN’. A song that will represent the voice of the poet, transmitting at the same time the extraordinary pride of being Andalusian”, indicated the company.

Lanjarón wants to give Lorca a voice through a piece of music created by the DJ’s duo Mëstiza.

“From Lanjarón, like water that is born in the peaks of the Sierra Nevada, in Granada, we have created this campaign to commemorate the extraordinary culture that characterizes Andalusia and thus, we value the natural environment from which our water arises, connecting it with a figure as recognized as Lorca. Both Lorca and Lanjarón are united by a unique legacy and origin. An origin that served as inspiration in the poet’s works, in which influences from his native land, water and spring can be found. With the ‘ORIGIN’ initiative, Lanjarón wants to celebrate our extraordinary origins by recovering the voice of Lorca as never before”, explains Alexandra Montañes, director of water marketing at Danone Iberia.

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From February 27 to March 27, all Andalusians will be able to join this Lanjarón campaign to recover and give Lorca a voice. To do this, they must share their voice reciting the verses of the poem ‘Water, where are you going?’, through Lanjarón’s social networks (Instagram and Facebook). “We chose this poem because it has a strong message about the importance of water, from its origin in the mountain peaks, until it reaches the river and blends in with the sea. As a brand of natural mineral water of extraordinary purity, the care and protection of the environment in which the water originates is a fundamental part of our work. Through this poem, we managed to convey what it means for us to be Lanjarón”, says Alexandra Montañes.

From all the collected voices, Mëstiza will create a composition that extols the connection between water, Lorca and Andalusia, through the combination of melodies that evoke the sounds that characterize this region.. “Being able to join Lanjarón in such a special campaign makes us proud. We take care of each of our compositions in detail, and water and Andalusia are elements that are always part of them. We have a great connection with the land, with the Andalusian culture and its art. Our goal is to be able to produce a piece in which all Andalusians can feel identified and feel the pride of their extraordinary origin”, says Mëstiza.