Kurt Angle on the differences between the Attitude Era and today: “Before, we were all superstars” | #wwe #Aew | The USA Print

Kurt Angle on the differences between the Attitude Era and today: "Before, we were all superstars"

Kurt Angle compares the Attitude Era with today.

By many, the Attitude Era is considered the best era that WWE went through. However, a lot has changed since then, including the way work is done and how the company’s superstars present themselves to the public.

During his participation in the Grue Rume Show, Kurt Angle, who lived through both the Attitude Era and the current era of WWE, He assured that the big difference between the two stages is that in the Attitude all the fighters felt uniquesomething that does not happen today, where the superstars of the middle and lower zone of the billboard are less known.

Both companies, AEW and WWE, have a lot of talent right now. I wouldn’t say they have the talent that we had in the Attitude Era. Back then, everyone was a superstar. The first and second division wrestlers, The Godfather, Val Venis, Bob Holly, the first and second division wrestlers were huge stars.

Now, there are five or six big guys in the company that everyone knows about and everyone else isn’t as well known. Back then, we had a special group of guys. Don’t get me wrong, guys today are much more athletic and do a lot more crazy things, more cartwheels and stunts. I hope they hone that and go back to the way wrestling was, with wrestling moves and stuff, not just stunts. I think everyone is doing a good job today in WWE and AEW.

Although Kurt Angle’s opinion may not be accepted by everyone, the truth is that he is a fighter with a lot of experience, so he speaks from the knowledge he has of the industry.

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