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Kriti Shetty's beauty exploded like an atom bomb.

Andala Bhama Kriti Shetty, who was introduced to the Telugu audience as Bebamma in the movie ‘Uppena’, scored a super duper hit with her first movie. After that two more hits with Shyam Singharai and Bangarraju’s films lifted Kriti Shetty to the sky.

But as quickly as it gained craze, it fell down. After hat-trick hits, after hat-trick flops, Kriti Shetty’s offers in Tollywood have become scarce.

Currently, this lady is acting in the movie “Custody” opposite Naga Chaitanya. As there is no other project other than this movie, Kriti Shetty is trying to impress with Grammar Show. Kriti, who has been seen in a very formal manner till now, has recently been making a comeback in short dresses.

Recently, she posed for photos in a black color mini dress showing off her thunder thighs in a super hot way. There is no doubt that Kriti Shetty’s beauty exploded like an atom bomb.

Kriti’s latest photos are currently causing a stir in Nettinta. The boys are getting choked up because they can’t stand seeing the beauty of the work. And it remains to be seen whether Kriti Shetty will be busy with a series of offers again.

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