Kim Kardashian beheads her enemy in hilarious parody of ‘House of the Dragon’ with James Corden


In a recent appearance on the show The Late Night Show with james cordenthe socialist teamed up with host James Corden to put a “Targashian” spin on the prequel to game of Thrones.

Dressed in medieval garb, Corden decrees his new reign to be “peace and prosperity,” announcing to his royal court that his first act as king will be to “pardon” his old enemy.

Kardashian then enters the room, to greet her “big brother” Corden before showing off the freshly severed head of said unnamed fictional enemy.

“I just pardoned him, literally!” Corden exclaims.

“Why? It’s so uninteresting,” Kardashian retorts. “I did not contribute anything to this kingdom.”

Entitled “The Targashians” -a pun on the Targaryen family of House of the Dragon– The skit delves into the popular direct-on-camera interviews of Corden and Kardashian as they take turns arguing over who should rule Westeros.

Parody of James Corden and Kim Kardashian from House of the Dragon

(The Late Night Show with James Corden/ YouTube Screenshot)

“I run the Armored Shapewear clothing line, the Greyscale Cosmetics company, the dungeon reform,” Kardashian insists. “What else am I forgetting? Oh, the body cream.”

After Kardashian offers to make amends for her mistake with Corden with a smoothies poisoned, Kris Kardashian makes her appearance as the “Mother of Dragons.”

The video ends with Kardashian and Corden mutually agreeing to share the throne, until Kylie Jenner makes a surprise entrance, killing them both.

“There’s only one King in this Kingdom and it’s King Kylie, bitches,” he declares.

House of the Dragon airs every Sunday in the US, with the UK premiere arriving at 2am the next morning on Sky. The episode will be repeated on Mondays at 9pm, and will be available on Sky and NOW after its initial broadcast.


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