Kate Middleton wrote her speech alone: ​​we analyze the princes’ new joint statement


The Wale’s princess wrote her entire speech about the battle against cancer “alone, very quickly” in an attempt to “quiet further gossip and speculation about health”, a close friend of hers has revealed. Sunday Times: “He knows that he is a public figure and that he has a responsibility.”

The source adds to the British newspaper that the speech allowed the princess to reach an audience that supported her. Kate was affected by gossip and conspiracy theories and she preferred to end the speculation with a video message rather than a written statement. She herself decided that it would be the most reassuring way to break the news. These revelations come after this Saturday’s announcement in which the Prince and Princess of Wales thanked the public for the overwhelming outpouring of love and sympathy received following Friday’s announcement, adding that they were “extremely moved” by the support.

One of the main reasons that pushed Her Royal Highness to make the shocking video announcement was that the princess felt she had a duty to spread hope among those experiencing similar conditions and reassure his followers around the world. Other sources claim that the main reason that finally moved Kate to take the step of recording and broadcasting the video is that she was forced to publish the message after the avalanche of rumors and conspiracy theories spread, especially on social networks.

After the video was broadcast, Linda Yaccarino, CEO of X, Earlier on Twitter, he wrote: “It was a brave message delivered, with his characteristic grace. His request for privacy, to protect his children and allow him to move forward (without endless speculation) seems reasonable and must be respected.”

A source close to the Prince and Princess of Wales lamented the widespread “misinformation” surrounding the princess’s health and hoped the announcement would put an end to the unpleasant rumours. The British press believes that the princess made the decision to reveal the diagnosis herself, but that she had the full support of her husband even though William regrets that she felt forced to do so.

In the video, Kate spoke about the “huge shock” she suffered after tests identified traces of cancer following surgery. She referred to the “incredibly difficult” two months that her family has lived through, her voice breaking with emotion at times.

The type of cancer has not been revealed, but the future Queen has begun a “preventive chemotherapy” treatment at the end of February and that she has an optimistic and positive mentality for her recovery and is in good spirits, describing herself as “well and getting stronger every day.”

Thank you message

In this Saturday’s new message, issued 24 hours after the announcement that Kate Middleton has cancer, the princes of Wales say they are “deeply moved and grateful” for the support received from around the world. The reactions to the news were immediate, the impact in the international press has been colossal: Kate Middleton and her family are receiving support and messages of affection in abundance and everyone wishes the princess a speedy recovery. And not just from the United Kingdom, but from all over the planet. For this reason, as a result of these massive displays of support, the heir to the Crown and his wife have expressed their gratitude in a joint statement and have confessed their state of mind, upon verifying the enormous support received, wishing them the best.

A Kensington Palace spokesperson conveyed this message this Saturday: “The Prince and Princess are enormously moved by the warm messages from people here in the United Kingdom, across the Commonwealth and around the world in response to His Royal Highness’s announcement. “Very touched by people’s warmth and support, they are grateful for your understanding of their request for privacy at this time.” Guillermo and Kate thus value respect for their request for privacy, as they repeat in the last sentence of the message.

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