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Karol G.

Carol G.

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Carol G. He expressed his dissatisfaction with his image on the latest cover of GQ magazine.

The Colombian singer turned to her social networks this Thursday to share that she felt that the photo used was “disrespectful” and gives a misleading description of the natural appearance of your body and face.

In the Instagram post, Karol shared a photo of her natural face and the second slide was the cover of the magazine. She claims that the image of her was heavily edited without her approval.

“Today the cover of my GQ magazine was made public, a cover with an image that does not represent me. My face doesn’t look like this, my body doesn’t look like this, and I feel very happy and comfortable with my natural appearance.“, he wrote in the caption of the photo.

“I thank the magazine for the opportunity because I was very happy when they confirmed that I would be there, but despite making clear my disagreement with the number of edits they made to the photo, they did nothing about it. As if to look good I needed all those changes”.


The singer also pointed out that the magazine’s action is not only disrespectful to her, but also to all women.

“Beyond feeling that it is disrespectful to me, it is women who wake up every day looking to feel comfortable with ourselves despite society’s stereotypes”.

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