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Karol G dazzles with praise for J Balvin, the man who inspired her career

Colombian singer Karol G stars in a new and exciting moment in the middle of her concert tour of the United States. In this experience offered from the MetLife New Jersey Stadium surprises are present.

In the middle of this concert, ‘la bichota’, before introducing a guest, dedicates beautiful words to that person who at the time inspired her to pursue her dreams in the world of music. It is none other than J Balvin, whom she classifies as a man who was important in her development as an artist.

“In some way, in many ways, it meant a lot to the growth and development of my career. There was a person that I admired a lot because he was from my house, because he was from Colombia and I followed him and admired him and saw him doing incredible things around the world and it gave me the impression that one day, if he had achieved it, I could achieve it too,” Karol G begins by saying.

Amidst the shouts of the crowd present in this place, and with some surely already knowing who she was talking about, she continues with her speech.

“He was the first Colombian making urban music who raised the flag and I will never forget what I felt when I saw him performing at Madison Square Garden, my life changed. That day I said ‘ok, I know what I have to do’. Sometimes I feel that beyond opportunities, some people need inspiration and that is what he was for me.”

And then, J Balvin appears on stage to perform several of his songs alongside Karol G and having the support of the entire audience present.

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