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Karol G hizo esta aparición mediante las historias de Instagram.

The Colombian singer Karol G has aroused passions. The famous reggaeton singer did so by posting a video on her Instagram stories in which she slowly and sensually moves her hips, wearing a white crop top and pants below the waist.

In this video without any sound, you can see him waddling with his back to the camera and showing off the curves of those visible areas of his body. These videos of Karol G demonstrating her dancing skills are not very frequent, but they have existed before.

The interpreter of ‘Provence’ is experiencing one of the most important moments of her career. In the past year, she has become a world-renowned artist. and with the release of his album ‘Mañana ser bonito’ he has had much more exposure to the public.

Just a few days ago, the Colombian managed to fulfill one of her dreams with Alicia Keys, the famous American singer-songwriter who recently performed in Bogotá.

For her show in the Colombian capital, Alicia Keys invited Karol G to accompany her and the one born in Medellín took the stage so that they could sing ‘No One’ together, one of the most famous songs by the American.

When Karol G started doing video covers many years ago, Alicia Keys was one of the artists she played, so having accompanied her at this concert was a dream come true for her.

Life never stops surprising me… Every day I am more convinced that those 13 years of believing, dreaming and working, between one video and another, WERE ALL WORTH IT!! Every tear and every celebration! Singing her songs in YouTube videos might have been the only thing that connected us but Diosito is that cute and well, there he is., Alicia Keys and Karol G on the same stage! @aliciakeys Thank you queen for this moment and for sharing with me one of the most iconic songs of your career in my beloved country. PS: This Girl is On Fire”, expressed Karol G when sharing a video on his Instagram profile.

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