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Karla Martínez walks through the streets of New York and shows her "colorful" weekend

The host of ‘Wake up AmericaKarla Martinez This weekend he shared with more than a million followers what he was doing, and that is that He looked for time to distract himself and get out of his daily activities. For this reason, she made public a photo on the camera’s social network of what her journey was like.

The Mexican took the opportunity to mention to her followers that she took her suitcases to enjoy completely different days, where colors also ended up becoming one of the protagonists. In turn, the journalist She dressed in black with sunglasses that matched her look while walking through the streets of New York.

Fast and colorful weekend in NYC“was the message that accompanied the publication made this weekend.

The Internet users of the camera’s social network took a few seconds of their time to comment on the publication made, and many of them They stressed that it would have been good if he had notified that he would travel so that he could meet her, She has a great professional career and many would love to be able to see her in person.

Other users of the application simply focused on the beauty of the 47-year-old presenter, and her appearance and wardrobe flattered her quite a bit.

“I would have loved to see you in my city NYC when God will give me the opportunity to meet you”, “I hope you enjoyed it Karla, blessings”, “Colorful… vandalized”, “Beautiful and beautiful my Karlita. Happy start to the week and many blessings“, “Very Beautiful Karlita. God bless her always”, “She and that place are so beautiful”, “@karlamartineztv you would have said you were in NYC to meet you”, “You have always been and will be the love of my life”, were some of the reactions that were recorded in the post.

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