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Kanye West's school faces discrimination lawsuit

Donda Academy, a Christian school founded by the controversial rapper Kanye Westfaces a demand for racial discrimination by two former African-American teachers who claim to have been unfairly fired, local media reported Thursday.

The plaintiffs, Cecilia Hailey and Chekarey Byers, maintain that they were expelled in March after complaining to management that the school, located in Simi Vallery, California, failed to comply with state health, education and safety regulations.

Hailey, who started working at the school in November 2022, and Byers, who started last January, were the only African-American teachers at the center, owned by Kanye Westalso African American.

According to demandbrought against the school, West himself and three directors of the center, the teachers had salaries considerably lower than what they had agreed to when they were hired.

The women also maintain that the Donda Academy has serious problems of bullying and physical aggression among students and towards teachers due to the lack of protocols.

The institution also does not have cleaning services, a concierge or a nurse, in addition to storing expired medicines.

They also state that the only food allowed at school is sushi, and that coloring sheets and crossword puzzles are prohibited.

The classrooms do not have chairs, forcing the children to sit on cushions, while the teachers remain standing or use stools, they detail.

In addition, students are required to wear black and may not wear Nike and Adidas clothing.

The demand returns to the controversy to submerge the rapper who has set off all the alarms in recent months for a string of racist and anti-Semitic comments.

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His statements have caused the artist to lose millions of dollars in contracts with brands, which have canceled the agreements they had with the rapper.

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