Julio César Chávez launches harsh criticism against Canelo Álvarez who eliminates his aspirations to be the best in Mexico: “There will not be another like me” | The USA Print

El mexicano aseguró que Canelo nunca alcanzará sus logros.

The Mexican assured that Canelo will never reach his achievements.

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The legendary Mexican boxer, Julio César Chávez, launched a harsh criticism against his compatriot and current absolute super middleweight champion, Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, considering that he will never become as important in the world of Mexican sports as he has been.

These statements were made by the native of Sinaloa with Hugo Sánchez and made it very clear that despite the fact that the colorado has an impressive sporting level, he will not be able to achieve all the achievements he had throughout his professional career and that he still continues to demonstrate in his combats. of exhibition.

My respects to Canelo. I was a natural fighter, Hugo, just like you, we were natural, everything was given to us, authentic. Saúl has broken stone, he was very robotic at the beginning of his career and training so much, crushing, he became a great fighter, ”he said.

Chávez stressed that without a doubt he would surpass Canelo Álvarez despite the long list of victories that the fighter reaps and that he will never be able to surpass him even if he achieves 100 victories.

“You are not going to see another fighter go 90 fights undefeated, with that I tell you everything. When you see a fighter who gets to 90 fights then yes, compare him to me. Any Mexican fighter in history will be able to win eight, 10 world championships, but if he reaches 90 fights undefeated… When he is like this, tell me who is the best. There will not be another Julio César Chávez, even if Canelo wins 100 titles, there will not be another Julio César Chávez,” added the Aztec.

Canelo for me is a great fighter, he is a fighter that nobody has given him anything. There will always be criticism, here the only sin with Saúl is that there are many negative people who throw a lot at him, A lot of Mexicans throw a lot at him, they say he doesn’t catch the fighter he should catch, but there will always be criticism and there will always be comparisons as well,” he concluded.

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