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Necklace from the High Jewelery collection, unique piece in 18k white gold Fairmined certificate set with an exceptional 100-carat cushion-cut Fancy yellow diamond and pear-cut diamonds totaling 27.04 carats and cushion-cut (27.63 carats).

Julia Roberts is tall. But here, at the Watches and Wonders fair that brings together the authentic connoisseurs of Haute Horlogerie, it appears, wrapped in a soft smell of almost unattainable cologne water. To her seventy-and-quite meter she has added some dizzying heels on which only the stars know how to use themselves.

And so, with those extra centimeters (those she avoided seven years ago in Cannes) and clad in a pale pink suit jacket, she appears smiling (her wonderful smile, that of America’s sweetheart, can even cope with the brightness of the mythical diamonds of the red carpet firm) at the Chopard stand. She is the happy protagonist of her new campaign but also of the Journey to Sustainable Luxury that the luxury brand obsessed with minimizing its carbon footprint has undertaken.

Julia Roberts is the protagonist of the Journey to Sustainable Luxury that Chopard has undertaken

Although it is not necessary, because it shows, Julia Roberts, admits that she feels extremely happy. That she lives a moment of the sweetest. Everything is going well. Her work, the family. The children who are already taller than her (the twins are already of legal age!) and now, Chopard also allows the UNICEF goodwill ambassador (since 1995: since that day she arrived in Port-au-Prince to, in her words, “educate myself”) this opportunity to contribute to a mighty ecological crusade.

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All thanks to journey which makes the firm already a pioneer with its Green Carpet Collection (with which it achieved 100% ethical gold in 2018) the first luxury house to use recycled steel for its watches.

Necklace from the Haute Joyeria collection, a unique piece of 18k Fairmined certified white gold set with an exceptional Fancy yellow diamond

greg williams

At the end of 2023, the House that also signs the best jewels on the Hollywood red carpet “will use only Lucent SteelTM for all its steel watches, including the bracelets and cases”, explains the actress, smiling even with her eyes perfectly framed in that bangs so yours. Is incredible. She is already 55 years old (56 in October) and is still the beautiful woman that captivated the world.

Yes, the Oscar-winning actress with more than thirty years of professional career behind her, is like good wine. Although he has his secrets (“the smile?: I learned it from my grandfather who put a lot of baking soda on his toothbrush and didn’t have a single cavities in his life, and that guy and that skin?, I’m lucky of having good genetics, a skin without problems that gives me an advantage”) is her sympathy that makes her so special.

Her sympathy makes her the most beautiful woman in the world at least twelve times

The one that makes her the most beautiful woman in the world at least twelve times (for People magazine the first time when she was 24 years old and repeated at 50). The one that dazzled her husband (the cameraman Daniel Moder with whom she has been married for more than twenty years). The one that awakens in the children of George Clooney (with whom she filmed in Australia and in the midst of a pandemic, trip to paradisea romantic comedy about divorcees, accomplices and morning coffee) who affectionately call her Auntie Juju.

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As the mother of three children (very soccer fans: they came to be at the Bernabéu for the classic some years ago), Julia Roberts’ commitment to happiness and beauty is unquestionable. Also with sustainability. If in July 2006, Earth Biofuels announced Roberts as spokesperson for the company and as president of the newly formed Advisory Board, for the promotion of the use of renewable fuels, now it is Chopard who relies on her unlimited empathy to accelerate the transition of the steel industry towards net zero carbon emissions.

Happy sport Chrono 40mm watch in ethical 18k rose gold and steel, 7 moving diamonds on the dial and leather strap.

Pendant from the Happy Spirit collection made in ethical 18k white and rose gold with three moving diamonds (Happy Diamonds).

greg williams

Once again, it is Julia herself who recalls that Chopard is part of Climate’s SteelZero, a group that uses “its purchasing power and influence to send a powerful demand signal to steel producers, investors and policy makers in order to accelerate large-scale production of net-zero steel.”

This is how the Chopard Lucent SteelTM with which the watch that she wears on her wrist is made, for example, is made “with high-quality industrial waste from Swiss watch manufacturers, together with high-quality steel from the medical industry , aerospace and automotive.

Chopard Lucent SteelTM

It is made with industrial waste from Swiss watches

He also adds that “it is anti-allergenic. Because of its similarity to surgical steel, it means that it is highly dermocompatible and suitable even for the most sensitive and delicate skin.”

But that is not what most encourages Julia Roberts to get fully involved in this crusade, it is also the idea that the family company that is Chopard, with the Scheufele family behind it, “marks this long-term vision. That is the true journey of sustainable luxury. A journey I am proud of and lucky to be a part of.”

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Alpine Eagle 41mm watch in 18k rose gold with Bernina blue dial, Chopard 01.01C automatic movement.

Alpine Eagle 41mm watch in 18k rose gold with Bernina blue dial, Chopard 01.01C automatic movement.

greg williams

his vocation During her adolescence Julia Roberts wanted to be a veterinarian but ended up studying Journalism. Finally, acting got in her way.

his heir Julia isn’t the only Roberts with an acting talent. Her older brother, Eric, is also an actor and enjoyed some fame in action movies in the late 1980s. Her niece, Emma Roberts, is currently having more success. She has participated in films such as Valentine’s Stories or We’re the Millers, and is building a career in which she stands out as a comedian.

To de-stress yourself Yoga and… cooking! She loves pasta (especially accompanied by cheese, garlic and ragù) and also cooking fish, which are also her children’s favorite dishes.

his hits It has been for two decades the undisputed queen of romantic comedies. it all started with steel magnolias (1989), exploded with beautiful woman (1990) and followed with My best friend’s Wedding (1997), nottinghill (1999) or runaway bride (1999).

Chopard becomes the first luxury house to use recycled steel for its watches. By the end of 2023, Chopard will use Lucent SteelTM for the production of all its steel watches, including bracelets and cases. Lucent SteelTM is manufactured with a recycling rate of at least 80%. The House’s intention is to achieve at least 90% recycled steel in its Lucent SteelTM by 2025. This commitment will enable Chopard to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of its steel.

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