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José Manuel Figueroa denies accusations by Alicia Machado: "She went crazy"

The Mexican singer Jose Manuel Figueroa was forced to offer a statement after his name was involved in a scandal for an interview he gave Alicia Machado, who took advantage of the occasion to call him violent and supposedly accuse her of death. For this reason, in the program ‘Sale el Sol’ he explained the following:

The truth is that it is a difficult, uncomfortable situation, it hurts, it dismays me because it really bothers me.. I imagine that Alicia is on a show again, on a reality show in which she wants to get my name back. She knows very well how reality shows are handled. Curiously, before she didn’t mention me as a partner and now that she needs me for her reality shows, now she does mention me. “She’s fine, she’s right,” she began her saying.

The Venezuelan beauty queen talked about a party that he mentioned again, and this is how she expressed that she allegedly slapped him for apparently having spoken on the cell phone in a strange way:

I asked her to leave my house and that’s when she went crazy. and Ricardo Tinajero and Tony Arciniega had to take her away because she was very upset, He knocked down the gate of the house with his truck how upset I was.”

In turn, Figueroa stressed that under no circumstances did he threaten to take her life, and that at the time they had had an agreement where those types of conversations would not be had.

“I have been a person who has worked, I don’t do that kind of thing to threaten people. And I repeat it again, if you have so much evidence, form and place, go ahead, the prosecution is there to assist your statement that is going to be taken, your witnesses, it is something that does not expire at the end of the day.”

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Alicia Machado accuses him of being violent

Miss Universe 1996 offered an interview in the second season of ‘Secreto de Villanas’, a moment where she gave details of the romantic relationship she had with the Mexican singer, because she explained that sometimes he could be fine and suddenly change his behavior towards her.

He is an extremely violent guy. They had never raised a hand to me in my life, ever, the man who physically and mentally beats and violates a woman is an illness. He is the one who is sick, not you.. The man who hits a woman in that way has two big problems in his being: a big inferiority complex, because he cannot be the same bastard, the same male with another male and unfortunately they are homosexuals, but due to their situation they cannot. they can and then His way of getting out that hatred towards that feminine energy is to attack it.“, said.

“In my case, I had just arrived in Mexico for this beautiful program that I was going to do and he had that reaction with me on my birthday just because I asked him what we were going to do,” he added.

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